Can you see static

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Keep in mind that "electricity" is the flow of electrons through or along a conductor. Anything can be a conductor with a high enough charge. When the charge becomes sufficiently high, or if the static charge climbs rapidly, you will see its effects. You can't "see" electricity in any form. All you can see are its effects. The sparks you see associated with electricity are just ionised air. What you see are lightning (a spark traveling very quickly through the atmosphere), the arcing discharge from a generator to ground, the glow of small sparks between bed sheets in a dark room, the hair of school children standing on end from contact with a Van de Graff generator, gold leaf separating in a Leyden Jar.

Just adding to the answer already posted here. Any substance can become an electrical conductor when there is a large concentration of free electrons present there. Metals have a high concentration of free electrons and so are good conductors and as such cannot be used to produce static electricity. If you rub your feet on a dry rug, you can generate up to 10000 volts of charge but you would not feel it because the rug is not actually a conductor.

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Q: Can you see static
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static discharge

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The static electricity isn't. But the little spark you see when an object charged with static electricity touches something else is.

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This electricity is static electricity, as you asked. See the related question and the link below.

What is the movement of static charge from one place to another?

Static Discharge:Perhaps you see a spark jump between your hand and the doorknob. The spark is an example of an electric discharge. An electric discharge is the movement of static charge from one place to another. The spark you saw was the result of a static charge moving between your hand and the doorknob.

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Both are static electricity.

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Static electricity is static. It's just shortened.