Can you send back defected nike shoes?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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yes look on the inside of the shoe and you can send them back up to 2 years.

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Q: Can you send back defected nike shoes?
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What do you do if your Nike mercurial shoes rip?

if its been less than 2 years, send them back to nike

Where to send old tennis shoes for recycling?

Worn out shoes can be recycled by giving them to Reuse-A-Shoe. They collect worn out athletic shoes and salvages materials to make Nike Grind. They are recycled into sports and playground surfaces.

What happens when you pop the air sole in a nike sneaker?

I have had those type of shoes before and their is nothing that I know of to do other than toss them. I did send a pair back and they told me that it was because of the walking conditions that they could not replace them. I have stopped buying the ones with the clear air packs in them. SoRrY

Where can I get a fake nike sb's that will actually send me something i cant afford real ones?

First of all why are u buying fake shoes and 2nd this website called has some people always taging me on facebook for them

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An expensive cookbook that arrived in the mail unsolicited, and a pair of mail-order shoes that just didn't feel right.

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Can you send back lebron James shoes?

honestly im telling you a little secret from nike headquarters i had got a pair of LJ23 shoes two years ago and i was highly disappointed with Lebron the color schemes were terribly unattractive and the comfort that they said was suppose to feel like walking on clouds they lied its like walking on bricks with thorns so i tried to return them but they told me i couldnt cause i didnt sign the paper...... they stink ok just saying anyway so i did some snooping around nike and found out they were trying to get rid of them by making them look good on the flashy box in the living room so i stole 200 dollars from a secret hole in the ground outside nike hq and ran away to hide.

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how do you send tracfone phone back

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I am trying to reach Nike Marketing about a possible partnership on Stadium Naming Rights for Oregon State Softball...We are trying to send this proposal to your Corporate office. My Email is is 541-730-7589...Thank you, Patrick Garcia

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jsf hseru