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Can you serve and hit using opposite hands in tennis?

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Yes, there's no rule that says you have to use only one hand.

2006-08-10 19:34:55
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Where and when did tennis begin?

Tennis was first played in France about 900 years ago - with people using the palms of their hands.

What is a sentence using the word serve?

To serve can mean several things. You can serve food and drink. You can serve a tennis ball. You can serve another person. Here are some sentences.Serve the coffee, please.His serve was too fast for me to hit with my tennis racquet.The maid will serve you while you're visiting me.

What motion do you use in tennis?

You can use a forehand motion which is using your preferred hand, a backhand motion which is using to hands across your body and a serve motion which is above your head using one hand to toss the ball up and the other to hit the ball.

What is a backhand swing?

A backhand swing in tennis is using either one or two hands on the opposite side of your dominant hand to hit the ball. For example, if you have a two-handed backhand and you are right handed, you would swing at the ball with two hands on your left side. Thus, your backhand swing is on your left side with two hands.

What year was the first game of tennis played?

The idea of tennis was founded in the 12th century in which the players used hands instead of rackets. During the 16th century tennis players began using rackets.

Why do walkers have tennis balls attached to them?

The tennis balls serve several purposes. They make it easier for the walker to slide across the floor, rather than the friction from the rubber bottoms. They also prevent scuff marks on the floor. The tennis balls on walkers serve a dual purpose. First, they allow the person that is using the walker to

Can you change hands in a tennis match?

If you mean 'changing hands' as in changing from using your left hand dominantly to your right hand dominantly (or vice versa), then you can. There isn't a rule against it.

What does underhand mean?

"Underhand" refers to a type of serve, and is the opposite of "overhand". An underhand serve is when the server holds the ball in front of them, at the height of their hip, and hits the ball out of their hand using their opposite fist or palm in order to serve. Meanwhile, an overhand serve is when the server tosses the ball in the air, over their head, in front of them, and uses their other hand to hit the ball in the air and over the net for a serve.

What is a compound word using tennis in it?

Tennis court

How do you hit a backhand?

using your non dominant side of your body - you swing the raquet using two hands and follow through the ball.... opposite side to your dominant side...

What is a sentence using courts?

Tennis is played on tennis courts

What sports make up volleyball?

The major actions in the game resemble both the rules of tennis and the teamwork of basketball and soccer. The ball is similar to soccer, though using the hands as in basketball. The net is similar to badminton, or more widely to tennis, with which it shares beginning service from the rear line. It could be described as "handball soccer tennis badminton."

How do you do a back peddle in tennis?

by using peddle

How quickly do tennis balls lose their bounce?

If you open a new can of tennis balls and leave them in the can without using them, it can take a week for the tennis balls to have a significant loss in their bounce. If you are using tennis balls daily, then it can be a matter of a couple of weeks to around three weeks until the tennis balls lose their bounce completely.

What is a handshack?

a greeting using the hands, where two people clasp hands and move them up and down a greeting using the hands, where two people clasp hands and move them up and down

How do you find the length of a given side if you have lengths of other sides of a rectangle?

By using the fact that opposite sides of a rectangle have the same length.By using the fact that opposite sides of a rectangle have the same length.By using the fact that opposite sides of a rectangle have the same length.By using the fact that opposite sides of a rectangle have the same length.

What is the opposite of sever using the prefix con?

The opposite of sever is conjoin.

What are the sports that use a racquet?

The other sports using rackets , beside tennis are squash, badminton and table tennis.

What is the opposite of passive using a prefix?


What is the opposite of chimney?

There isn't an exact opposite, but a drain might be a good approximate opposite if you are using it for a poem or a project.

How do you use serve right in a sentence?

Using serve in a sentence is really easy. I am ging to serve in the army for another year ...

How do you wear salopettes?

by using our hands

5 terms in volleyball?

Bump a hit that you hit with your forearms with your arms straight and your hands merged together using fingers. Set a hit with elbows bent hit with fingers in air with palms up. Spike a hit with heels of hands when you jump and it goes fast and it is HARD to return if you do it right. Underhand Serve see Underhand Serve? Overhand serve you throw the volleyball in the air about 4 feet slightly in front of you and hit it like a high five.

How can you lose a point in tennis?

You can lose a point in tennis for various things. Here are a few ways:You hit the ball into the netYou hit the ball outYou fail to return the ball over the netYou fail to get your serve in on your first or second serveYour opponent hits a winnerIf you yell at your opponent using nasty phrases or words (resulting in a point penalty deduction)If you yell at any of the line judges or ball boys (resulting in a point penalty deduction)

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