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Metal detectors are designed to detect all metals. However, many modern detectors have the ability to discriminate out metals of your choosing. You are basically setting the detector to remain silent when passing over the metals you don't want.

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Q: Can you set a metal detector so it will only detect lead?
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Can the Hand Held Meter Detector Security Check Metal Detector detect mercury in my home?

Only if the mercury is in large concentrated amounts.

What is the verb for detection?

The verb for detection is detect.Other verbs are detects, detecting and detected.Some examples are:"I detect a foul smell in the air"."He detects something"."My metal detector is detecting something"."As usual, the detector only detected junk".

Does fools gold set off a metal detector?

Since gold is a metal (precious) you can of course detect it with a metal detector. But only if it isn't tuned to ignore gold. since every metal has a different phase response metal detectors with discriminators can be tuned to ignore certain metals.

Can an alcohol detector detect the alcohol in mouth wash?

Only if you swallow it.

Do they make a detector that locates police?

There is a device called a radar detector, but it will only detect a radar signal, not police in general.

How do you get metal through metal detectors?

In general, you can't get metal through metal detectors. Only the smallest bits of metal will not cause a metal detector to alarm. If the sensitivity of the detector is set too high, it may be possible to get a small piece of metal past the detector, but that is something that cannot be counted on.

How do I tell what type of metal my metal detector is responding to?

Metal detectors are different and my main advice would be to look into the manual of the metal detector you purchased. Sometimes there are settings where you can configure your detector to only respond to certain metal characteristics. If you got a really basic metal detector one of the prime methods is to simply investigate by digging up the object in question.

Can the Rocky Mountain RMR-C430-6 Radar Detector detect from any dirrection?

No, the RMR-C430-6 will only detect radar in the direction it is facing.

Can metal detectors damage credit cards?

It takes some strong gauss to wipe a credit card. Most metal detectors only detect ferrous materials they do not emit much gauss as they only need to detect a distrubance in the gauss lines to give you a reading on the detetctor. So the answer is no. You also should not be able to FIND credit cards with a metal detector - let alone mess with the magnetic strip on them.

Smoke detector for cigarettes?

In such smoke detector an analog address is given to smoke detetctor which can be directly read at the fire alarm panel.

How do you disarm the lasers on spy island?

You can't disarm them, only go by them when they are turned off. You can detect when they turn off with your laser detector goggles from the 3rd spy.

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