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If the rifle is chambered for the .308 Winchester cartridge, then long or short action can safely fire it. Long or short refers to how far the bolt travels when opened. The .308 is typically a short action- the 30-06 and longer cartridges cannot cycle thru a short action, and must be used in a long action rifle.

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Q: Can you shoot a 308 in a long action rifle?
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Is a Winchester model 70-308 a short action or long action rifle?

Short action

Is the ruger American 308 win bolt action rifle a long or short action?

Ruger American Rifle short action calibers (.243 Win, .308 Win, 7mm .08 Rem, 22-250)

Can a 7mm-08 rifle shoot 308 bullets safely?


Can a 30 06 rifle shoot a 308 round?

No, it cannot.

Is a 308 rifle a short action?


What is a savage 99CD 308?

A lever action rifle made by Savage in 308 Winchester.

How far can a 308 caliber rifle shoot?

It can shoot about 3 miles. It can shoot accurately to about 1100 meters in the hands of a highly skilled marksman, depending on which rifle is firing the cartridge.

What is my browning blr lighting caliber.308?

A lever action rifle chambered in .308 Winchester.

How do you tell if a ruger m77 Mark2 243 cal rifle is a short action or a long action?

Long or short refers to the length of the cartridge the action will handle. .308 (parent case of the .243) is a short action.

Does a light rifle 'kick' more strongly than a heavy one?

ALL other things being equal (caliber, type of action, etc) a lighter rifle will have more recoil (kick) than a heavier one. It is a matter of action and reaction. I have a heavy (11 lbs) benchrest target rifle in .308- it is a pleasure to shoot. I have another .308- a lightweight hunting rifle (6lbs). With the same cartridge, it will put tears in your eyes!

Is the Remington 700 police 308 a short or long action?

If its a .308 its a short action.

Value of browning 308 lever action rifle?

100-1000 usd