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Can you shoot a rifled slug from a model 300 Ted Williams shotgun?


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2005-12-02 00:10:44

You can shoot a rifled slug out of a smooth bored barrels only. You want to have an improved or modified choke on when shooting a rifled slug. It helps the rotaion and accuracy of the slug. Never use a rifled slug in a rilfed barrel. You could destroy your gun if the rilfing in the gun and slug do not match. This is not a gamlbe I am willing to take with any of my guns.


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You can, but, it will not be a good thing.

Yes, but, the results will be dismal at best.

Any non rifled slug. However for best perfomance you want a "saboted" slug.

Not sure what you are asking.but I will give it a shot. Are you asking if you can shoot a rifled slug through a smooth barrel. if so yes that is what they are made for.

Yes, I don't think you should have a problem, but your pattern may not be consistent.

Slugs. You CAN shoot lead bird shot in a rifled barrel but it will not give you good or consistant patterns.

Vent rib for smooth bore shotgun barrel, rifled barrel has sights to shoot like a rifle.

probably not, historicly shotguns are smoothbore if you shoot a slug, THAT would be rifled.

Depends on the ammunition. Rifled 12 gauge slugs are accurate to about 150 yards

Unless your barrel has been fitted with a poly-choke (adjustable by turning) there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to shoot rifled slugs in your Model 10 Remington shotgun. Don't expect to see tack-driving accuracy with so-called rifled slugs though. Start out shooting at paper plates from 50 yards as you'll need to find out where to hold the front bead in relation to the target (paper plate).

a slug is normally use in a shot gun and they are not rifled a gun with a rifled barrel should shoot a Shell that is the same caliber as the gun.

I have used slugs in a model 300 without any problems. The gun will shoot high so you may need to add clamp-on sights to the vent rib. I did this and it is very accurate.

Yes. Rifled slugs are intended for smoothbore barrels (abot slugs aer for RIFLED barrels). Best accuracy with rifled slugs is USUALLY a modified choke, but can be safely fired thru any choke less than EXTRA full choke.

Shooting rifled slugs is the ONLY way to shoot thru a smoothbore for deer. If you shoot sabot slugs thru a smoothbore, it will not spin and therefore not be accurate. For accuracy, the slug must spin out of the barrel. Either shoot a rifled slug thru a smooth barrel, or shoot a saboted slug thru a rifled barrel.

no slugs should on be shot thru a improved cylinder shotgun. if you shoot thru any other choke it can cause the barrel to split

Yes, rifled slugs will not damage a rifled barrel. Rifled slugs were originally designed so that they would shoot through any size choke and cause damage to the barrel.

Yes, that is why they rifled the barrel.

A rifled cannon can shoot approximatly 500 yards. The rifled cannon is a great weapon. I advise you to use it(if you have one) in a space between 600 and 700 yards.

In the hands of a skilled hunter, they could be used to shoot birds and small animals. Even deer, if loaded with rifled slugs. Some people used them for self-defense.

Rifled barrels are meant for sabot slugs. Rifled slugs are fired from smoothbore barrels.

I have a 60 with a poly-choke, and the manual says slugs can be shot out of it, as long as you open the choke to "cylinder". By "newer slugs" do you mean sabots? I'd be very careful. I'm pretty sure sabots for shotguns were not in existence when the JC HIggins model 60 was first manufactured (mid 1950's), so it's probably an "unknown". A rifled slug will spin even when fired out of a smootbore (your model 60 has a smoothbore). Sabots require a rifled barrel to create spin.(your model 60 does NOT have a rifled barrel). If it were me, I would NOT chance shooting sabots out of a model 60. I checked my manual for my Model 60. Page 11, at the bottom, reads "The Model 60 handles lightest trap, skeet loads...heavy field loads...2 3/4 magnums...even rifled slugs." Page 5, at the bottom, reads "With the CHOKE CONTROL in 'Cylinder' position that Model 60 becomes the most accurate shotgun on the market for shooting rifled slugs." A word of caution: I don't know if today's rifled slugs are the same as the 1950's rifled slugs. So, if you choose to shoot slugs out of your 60, do so at your own risk. I use my model 60 for shooting lead shotgun shells at pheasants. A great, light-kicking gun. Be safe. take1a

It will, exceptfor any slugs marked "rifled barrels only".

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