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I'm unable to display images, but Renesmee Cullen, Bella and Edward's daughter, is depicted in the "Twilight" series as having bronze hair, chocolate brown eyes, and an extraordinary beauty that evolves rapidly due to her unique nature as a vampire-human hybrid.

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Follow the related link for a picture of Renesemee Cullen.

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Q: Can you show me pictures of Bella and Edward's baby?
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Why doesnt Bella Thorne show her teeth when she smiles?

she does show her teeth in pictures

How did Edward turn Bella into a vampire without killing her?

Bella dies from having a human/vampire baby so they toke samples of Edward venom and poke Edwards venom into Bella with a show ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- She never dies ^^^^^^ Almost, Bella almost dies from having her human/vampire baby, to keep her baby alive she had to drink lots of blood, although when she has the baby she loses a large amount of blood and that's what almost killed her, but Edward had to get some of his vemon and insert it into her heart so she could become a vampire quicker.

How does Bella and Edward fell about the baby?

Edward origionaly does not want Bella to keep the baby, he want to get it out of her as fast as possible so it does not hurt her, but Bella wants to keep the baby, as she loves it. Edward is worried it will hurt her because when ever it kicks from inside the womb it injures Bella, it gives her bruises and even brakes some ribs. Edward and Bella love the baby but Bella thinks it looks more like Edward and Edward thinks it looks more like Bella. They call the baby Renesmee Carlie Cullen.. Renesmee is a mixture of both Edward's adoptive mum's name - Esme - and Bella's mum - Renee - So they mix the two names together to make Renesmee. Carlie is a mixture of both Edwards adoptive dad's name - Carlisle - and Bella's dads name - Charlie - they mix those names together to make Carlie. So altoghether their baby is called Renesmee Carlie Cullen. The baby also has a power just like Edward she (Renesmee) can tell you things with pictures all she has to do is touch whoever. But its wierd because Bella is supose to be a shield for her mind but renesmee can still show her pictures. Renesmee also ages very fast, a lot faster than the average human. Edward and Bella are a little worried that Renesmee will die sooner too.

Does Bella's baby have powers?

Yes. Reneesme is able to put her hand on someone and show them what she is thinking about. It's kinda of the opposite of Edwards' powers.She lets them into her own mind.

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No, if your girlfriend is sweet.

When was The Bob Edwards Show created?

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Will breaking dawn show the part where Bella's baby gets out?

well it might because that is the main part of the movie.

What was edward and Bella's baby's power?

renesmee's power was when she touched someone's face with her hand, she could show them her thoughts.

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How does The Twilight Saga end?

Edward and Bella go to their own home and tuck Renessme into bed and go to their own room. Bella has the power of shield. And tries to show Edward some human memories with her shield. It works and Edward sees how much Bella loves him. Edward cannot resist to kiss Bella and breaks the shield and lets just say they have a happily ever after!