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Cardboard can sometimes be shredded in some machines primarily intended for paper shredding. This depends to a great extent on the thickness and density of the cardboard and how heavy-duty the paper shredder is. If you are in any doubt, check the website of the shredding machine manufacturer, which should tell you about appropriate use of the machine.

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When working with any type of machinery such as cardboard shredders, safety comes first. Always wear safety boots, gloves, and goggles while using a cardboard shredder. These machines are easy to use - simply cut a large cardboard section into thin manageable strips about six inches in length and feed them into the shredder's thin intake slot. The cardboard will be pulled into the machine and shredded into very small pieces. Be careful and do not put your hand near the intake; remember, Safety First!

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According to the paper will be recycled and reused later on. The paper shredding company issues a certificate of destruction for the paper.

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Q: Can you shred cardboard in a paper shredding machine?
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What is a good way for shredding documents?

The best way to shred documents is to purchase a paper shredding machine from Amazon or Staples for example. This allows one to shred documents into thin strips of paper which can then be disposed or recycled securely.

What are shredding services used for?

Shredding service are used to shred big trees that are cut down and then they are turned into paper or over produce that involves paper shredding services are also used to shred paper

What is water shredding?

One use of water shredding is to destroy paper and turn it into a mash pulp. This is different from using machine shredding which is time consuming and frustrating. The best way to paper water shred your documents is to use Papermasher bags. Place all the documents you want to water shred (paper mashed) in the bags and put them in your washing machine for washing. Once the cycle is complete the paper is mashed and unreadable and you can dispose of it accordingly.

How long has the paper shredding service at Shred Nation been in business?

Paper shredding is a long standing business. The paper shredding service at Shred Nation has been in business since 1980. It offers businesses and individuals with a sense of security with discarded paperwork.

What companies offer document shredding services?

Iron Mountain is a premier paper shredder for businesses that is safe and reliable. They offer paper shredding and recycling and also pick up the paper to be shred

What type of paper shredder can be used to shred stacks of papers at once?

A cross-cut or micro-cut paper shredder with a high sheet capacity is suitable for shredding stacks of papers at once. Look for a shredder with a continuous run-time feature to handle bulk shredding without overheating.

Any good suggestions on Paper Shredding for a large company. ?

Try Shred Nations, they have mobile shredding services.

What is the cost of mobile paper shredding?

Most companies will give you a quote for the cost of mobile paper shredding based on the amount of paper you have to shred, and the condition in which it is in. Also, if you plan to recycle the paper yourself or if they do it for you, this will figure into the cost estimate. An average shredding job will run in the range of $500-$1,000.

Which companies offer confidential document shredding?

Shredit, Proshred, Cops-Shred and Confidential Security are some. Paper-Shredding Services and Confidential Records Inc also offer shredding services.

Do some shredders shred items other than paper?

A paper shredder is not meant to shred anything other than paper. There are other types of shredders, such as a cardboard shredder, that will shred other materials. However, it is not safe to shred anything other than paper in a paper shredder.

Which are the most popular industrial paper shredders that can shred huge amounts of paper easily?

Many companies find they need to shred significant amounts of paper on a regular basis, while for some this is an annual concern due to tax dates or state laws. While many choose to outsource their shredding by hiring a confidential document shredding company (many of these have shredders built into their on-site trucks), buying a dedicated shredding machine can be a good investment. Some of the most popular brands of industrial paper shredders are Ativa, Industrial Shredders, and Allegheny.

What happens to the waste that is generated from a paper shredding service?

Most large shredding companies today have specific plans in place to ensure that the paper documents they shred are handled in an environmentally-friendly way. Shred-it states that it's confetti-sized end product is sent to a recycling facility.