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Can you sign up for two disability insurance policies at the same time?


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You can, however check the policy provisions to make sure that one does not off set the other should you go out on claim.

For information, resources and related links go The National Council On Disability (NCD)

Yes. Signing up for or applying for a disability insurance policy is basically the same as asking the insurance company to make you an offer for coverage. There is nothing that says you are not able to apply to multiple companies at the same time. In fact, in some cases it is a good idea to apply with multiple carrier so that you can see which company offers you a better policy and price.


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There are many websites that sales agents may sign up for disability insurance leads. Some of these websites include the "Insurance Leads" website and Disability Leads Direct.

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Probably not. Insurance paperwork tends to require a doctor's signature.

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Life insurance policies are sold to individuals , insuring on their lives and not to bodies liks nursing homes

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There are four steps to apply for disability insurance in Ontario. First, one must have a medical provider fill out a medical form that describes their disability in detail. Second, one must sign a consent form that allows the government to collect information about their medical history. Third, one must fill out a form that describes in their own words how their disability impacts their life and ability to work. Finally, one must return the package to the Disability Adjudication Unit who will make a decision about the application.

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You would send the insurance company a signed letter with your request. If there is an irrevocable beneficary they would have to sign as well. Be careful of any tax consequences.

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