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No, you can't. Every pill is exactly the same on the minipill, and there are no placebo pills to skip.

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You are on the pill and you have been on your period for 2 weeks?

Breakthrough bleeding is fairly common when you start using most hormonal contraceptives. If you are using a mini - progestin only pill (POP) you should call your doctor, having a period while taking mini pills can also mean you are ovulating.

What does it mean when you have a one day period that is very light while you are on the pill?

what does it meam when you have a one day period that is very light while on the mini pill

Is it okay to take the pill while you're on your period?

most of the time when you take your mini break from the pill you will have your period then or maybe while you are on the pill this can not harm you. so you should not stop taking the pill even if you are half way through your packet and you start your period. if you are still unsure then you should speak to your doctor.

How soon after stopping the mini pill will you get your period?

some women usually get their period a month to a couple months after stopping the mini pill. 1-3 months!!

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Is taking the mini pill safe while you are waiting for the jadelle to wrk?

Yes, it's safe to continue using the birth control pill even while waiting for Jadelle to become effective.

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