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Can you sleep on your stomach during your whole pregnancy?

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It is safe to sleep on your stomach when you first get pregnant, but it will become very uncomfortable for you to continue sleeping that way. Later in pregnancy it is best for the baby for you to sleep on your left side, because this allows the best blood flow to the baby.

No, in the beginning of pregnancy until about 3-4 months depending on the amount your baby has grown is okay. However after that, it is reccomended to only sleep on your sides. This becomes more uncomfortable as the pregnancy progresses, but putting a pillow between your legs can help. Sleeping on your back is not necessarily bad, but it puts unwanted pressure on a major artery that runs down your spine and carrys blood throughout the body to your legs and feet. Sleeping on your back can decrease the blood flow throughout your body making your heart work harder and making it sometimes harder to breathe, especially as you get closer to your delivery date. The best way to sleep, as reccomended by doctors is on the left side. However sleeping on your right side is fine as well. Hope thie helps!

If you have a waterbed you can!!

I just asked my doctor (I'm 35 weeks and it is the only position I can stand for more than a few minutes), and she said that as long as I'm comfortable there is no danger sleeping on my stomach; my body would tell me if there was a problem.

A girl at our antenatal class today told us that she miscarried while sleeping on her stomach. Her midwife told her this had caused the miscarriage. She did not say how many weeks pregnant she had been. I am currently researching this, however, to find out how many weeks this might be possible.

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