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Hell yea! Everyone their does it even weezy!

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What is Lil Waynes favorite saying?

smash pussy, spend money, smoke weed

What is lil waynes favorite weed?

Princess Cush all day ;)

Does Lil Wayne smoke crack?

Lil Wayne does not smoke crack all he smoke is weed

How old was lil Wayne when he did weed?

Lil Wayne was about 21 when he started to smoke weed.

Does lil twist smoke weed?


Does Lil Wayne smoke cigarettes?

Guess not but he does smoke a lot of weed

What type of cigarette does lil Wayne smoke?

he smoke weed dummy

Does lil twist smoke?

Maybe Weed Not Ciggarettes

What does lil Wayne like to do most?

Probably smoke weed

Who is Lil Waynes real dad?

lil waynes real dad is birdman the rapper

What is Lil Waynes favorite song?

lil waynes favorite song is bed rock

What kinda weed does lil Wayne smoke?

The type of weed everyone smokes

Is Bow Wow Lil Waynes brother?

Yes Bow Wow and LIL waynes are brothers

Is lil chucke lil waynes son?

no he is not

Is lil chuckie lil waynes brothe?


Is lil chuckes lil waynes son?


How weed did Lil Wayne smoke?

Yes he do his lips mad black

What was Lil Waynes 1st song?

lil waynes 1st song was " get off the corner"actually lil Waynes first song is the block is hoti was pretty sure it was hollygrove...when he was like 8

How is Lil Wayne son with Lauren London?

lil waynes son is fine but he has mager head induries from lil waynes drug usage.

What is Lil Waynes children name?

Lil Wayne

Who was lil waynes real dad?

lil waney

Is lil twist Lil Waynes cousin?

no, they have no relation

Who had Lil Waynes son?

=== ===

What is wrong with Lil Waynes voice?

lil waynes voice is like the way it is because when he was younger his drank bleech

Is lil chuckie lil Waynes newphew?

No Lil Wayne is Lil Chucky's cousin