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Tastes disgusting, makes you feel very, very crappy. No positive benefits in any dosage..don't do it.

To add - it's essentially Sertraline HCl. Notice the HCl. It BURNS! Tried it once and will never do it again, it is EXTREMELY PAINFUL!!! Heed these warnings! Just don't do it!!

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โˆ™ 2009-01-23 05:10:42
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Q: Can you snort Zoloft?
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You lose a lot of brain cells. Also, it burns your nose for a long-period of time. Zoloft is usually used to treat depression and similar disorders. So the drug puts someone in a relaxed and calmer state. That being said, all these kinds of drugs are just blanketing the actual problem. Unless you're prescribed it, don't bother. If you are, don't snort it under any circumstances.

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