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Can you spray bees and hives with ammonia to kill?


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Ammonia alone will not kill bees. The most effective way to get rid of bees is to have a professional bee-keeper collect the bees. If that is not possible, pick up sevin dust at your local lawn and garden center. Sprinkle this on the bee hive or nest.

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Bees kill other bees to protect the hive or to steal honey from other hives through a hole in the hive.

Ammonia will not keep bees away or kill them. If you have a problem with bees on your property, contact a pest control company.

How to Kill Sand Bees. Sand bees or ground bees burrow down into the soil to build their hives.

One method of killing ground bees or wasps is with ammonia. Late in the evening, pour ammonia in or near the nest's opening.

Many people will use gasoline or kerosene to kill bees by pouring it on the nest or hive. Ammonia may be another solution to use to kill bees.

Yes,it will kill bees,but before it takes effect if you spray them they might attack so it's best not to

Sometimes it does it dependes what hairspray you get

You should spray an insecticide. You should use an aerosol can, instead of any liquid insecticide. Aerosol insecticides kill bees directly in the air and anywhere else. It doesn't matter what insecticide, as long as it is labeled 'for bees'.

The hornet, mice, other bees, wasps and small mites called varoa which can kill whole hives by making the queen infertile

Depending on how many bees there are. If there are a few you can spray them with raid. If you do not wish to kill them, you can try to smoke them out.

use salt and hair spray it works well enough.

Sevin dust will kill bees. Dress in appropriate clothes that help prevent bee stings and spray the dust directly into the entrances of the bee hive.

I don't know how to locate the hive, but bug spray helps.

Spray a bleach or ammonia based cleaner directly on it. Or just drop a heavy book on top of it.

Bees are a beneficial species and are protected by laws. Bees can be killed with peppermint oil or by spraying them down with canola oil (pam spray) to name a few ways, if it had to be done.

Ammonia will kill HIV.

they used this speacial spray from bees that they made and the put it on them so it wont kill them

Put your ear against the wall, and listen for buzzing. If there are bees in the wall you can make a very small hole in the wall (nail size) and spray a fogger in that will kill the bees.

Please don't. Sevin is highly toxic to bees. Don't spray flowering plants because you will kill all the bees attracted by the flowers.

Yes, bees can kill you

The answer will not only kill ground bees intantly, it will kill you too if you are not upwind. First, pour in some ammonia. Only after recapping the ammonia and rechecking the wind direction, only then, open the bleach, pour it in and get out of Dodge. The bees are extremely prone to chlorine gas as they breath through their skin. The only problem is that human lungs are equally prone to permentant damage. I have found this remedy to work 100% of the time for over 40 years.

I f Ammonia products don't claim on their labels that they kill germs, it's because they can NOT kill germs.

To kill mud dauber bees you must follow the bee to its nest. During the late evening hours when you know the mud dauber bees have returned to the nest you can spray it with a bee killing chemical. It is important to remove the nest and burn it to ensure that no other insects including bees will use it again.

Yes. Ammonia can be deadly.

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