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The battery is used when the car is running to stabilize the voltage and store energy from the alternator. It is not recommended to run the car with no battery, as this can damage the alternator and the car's electrical system.

A dead battery (if you have one) can usually suffice to run the car for a short time, however it may also damage the alternator.

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Q: Can you start and move a car without battery?
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What if your car will only start if you move the battery a little bit by hand is there a way to put it in place so the car will start without moving the battery?

If your car only starts if you move your battery a little bit by hand, you have a bad electrical connection somewhere. You need to find it.

Charge a car without a battery?

You can start a car without a battery if you hook up a jump pack or use jumper camples but it could fry your alternator. It is pointless to charge a car without a battery. When you charge the car you are charging the battery.

How do I know if my car battery is dead?

If your car battery is dead, you will not be able to start your vehicle without a jump using jumper cables. When the car won't start and the lights on the dash aren't working, it is most likely your battery.

How can you make a car without a battery move?

If your car has a battery and it's dead, you can call a friend who has some jumper cables. You can hook the jumper cables up to his battery and your car's battery. It should create electricity that will renew your battery. If your car does not have a battery, you would have to push it or get it towed.

How to automatic move a car without a key?

But you need a key to start a car . Impossible

Disconnected battery car will not start?

Correct, a car will not start with a disconnected battery

What would cause your 2004 jetta not to start without a jump then when you stop the car it wont start again?

bad battery or loose battery cable

Can an Defibrillator jump start a car battery?

No, a defibrillator will not jump start a car battery.

Can loose wires cause a car battery not to start?

Certainly, a loose wire on the car battery can cause the car not to start.

Why does your car want to start as soon as battery is connected without key in ignition?

Stuck ignition switch.

How do you start a car without a alternator?

If the battery is sufficiently charged, it'll still start the car. However, it won't run for very long... the battery will be providing electricity for things such as the ECMs, spark plugs, etc., and it'll drain the battery pretty quickly.

How can you make an car move with no battery?

You can push it

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