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You have to go to a school that is approved in Kansas to get it off of your record.


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Your only recourse may be to attend Traffic School in California. Doubt seriously that California will let you do that school in Arizona.

Speeding and not wearing your seatbelt is considered a traffic offense. Also, driving drunk and causing an accident is a traffic offense.

Because driving above the speed limit is a traffic violation

California Speeding Ticket "How much will a ticket cost for going 55 in a 35mph zone in California? For a California speeding ticket you will receive a courtesy notice in about two weeks that will give you the amount of the fine, information on a Trial by Declaration and advise if you are eligible for traffic school. California has one of the highest speeding ticket fine schedules in the nation. If believe that this speeding ticket will be around 350.00. A trail by declaration allows you to plead not guilty and contest the citation by mail. My information indicates that the speeder loses about 90% of the time, especially if it was CHP. You also probably will lose your option of traffic school. For a California speeding ticket your best option is to take an online traffic school and keep the ticket off your record. Here is a link for more information: California Online Traffic School

In California, speeding 10 mph over the posted speed limit will result in a ticket for about $250. You may also have to go to traffic school.

Traffic citations follow your driving record; they're not confined state to state. No matter where you're licensed or in what state you got a ticket, it will be attached to your driving record.

YES.....the carpool ticket is considered a regular moving violation like a speeding ticket of any other moving violation.

There is no statute of limitations for a traffic tickets in California. You have been duly informed and charged with the violation by the ticket.

All infractions are misdemeanor in Nevada , speeding , careless driving , ..... that's crazy

If you have received a traffic ticket in California, then a California State Approved Traffic School is a great way to dismiss your traffic ticket and lose the points from your driving records. I Drive Safely is a good choice for California traffic school online.

Reckless driving in Illinois is driving recklessly and carelessly. Not following traffic rules, over-speeding, disregard for others safety, etc are also considered as reckless driving.

It depends on how fast you were going in ratio to the speed limit. The higher the speed, the more serious the traffic violation up to reckless driving.

I just got a ticket in December for the same thing, and the fine I had to pay was $180. If you go to traffic school you can get the points removed from your record.

As far as I know each state has its own record for you. for example someone I know got a lot of speeding tickets in California but in Indiana his record was clean.

You can either fight the California speeding ticket, or plead guilty and pay for it. Traffic school may be an option if you have not attended in the past 18 months and you did not violate vc 22348 (b) or you are alleged speed did not exceed 25 mph over the posted speed limit. In California speeding-tickets are issued under a variety of vehicle code violations such as; 22348 (b) speeding in excess of 100 mph, 22349 (a) speeding in excess of 65 mph, 22349 (b) speeding in excess of 55 mph, 22356 (b) speeding in excess of 70 mph and 22350 for driving at an unsafe speed. If you are still unsure contact somebody to give you advice or research to find out more.

If you receive a traffic ticket for a speeding violation in Pennsylvania do not transfer to your Maryland driving record. Despite the fact that these points do not transfer, your insurance premiums can still be raised.

Traffic summons is a petition sent to an individual to appear in front of a judge at the local court to respond to traffic violations which may include driving without a license or suspended license, and speeding tickets.

No, you are not automatically able to take traffic school. It really depends on the violation that you received. If you received a standard speeding ticket, not excessive speeding or aggressive driving, then you should be able to take the traffic school. I am assuming that because this is your first ticket you have not attended traffic school in the last 18 months. You need to look over your paperwork carefully when you receive it from the court and it will tell you what your options are. Depending on the county you received your ticket in, you may be able to take an online class.

Anything that is illegal, which can be no license plate lights (Equipment Violation) to speeding (Driving Violation) and everything in between.

Traffic attorneys handle vehicle related violations. Including speeding tickets, seat belt violation, cell phone while driving, and soo on. traffic attorneys deem the price.

If I am from Florida but got a speeding ticket in CA, can I go to Traffic School to remove the points from my insurance? I plan on paying the ticket.

Driver PointsDemerits are accumulated when you commit a Virginia traffic offense. The amount of demerits you receive for a Virginia traffic offense will vary, depending of the severity of the offense. Demerits are an indication that you have been convicted of a Virginia traffic offense.The Virginia DMV recognizes the following speeding violations. Demerits and will be posted to your driving record for the amount of time specified in parentheses:3-DemeritsSpeeding 1-9 mph above the posted speed limit (5 years)4-DemeritsSpeeding 10-14 mph above the posted speed limit (5 years)Speeding 15-19 mph above the posted speed limit (5 years)Speeding 10-19 mph above the posted speed limit (5 years)6-DemeritsSpeeding 20 mph or more above the posted speed limit (5 years)Reckless driving - speeding in excess of 80 mph (11 years)Reckless driving - speeding 20 mph or more above the posted speed limit (11 years)Reckless driving - driving too fast for conditions (11 years)

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