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You have to go to a school that is approved in Kansas to get it off of your record.

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Q: Can you still attend traffic school in California to keep a speeding ticket that you got in Kansas from showing up on your driving record?
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Is there a California traffic school I can attend to help get rid of my speeding ticket? visit this site to learn about how you can get rid of your ticket, and touch up on your driving skills

What is considered a traffic offense?

Speeding and not wearing your seatbelt is considered a traffic offense. Also, driving drunk and causing an accident is a traffic offense.

I have Arizona driving license I got ticket in California going 99 where max speed was 70 I do not want this speeding ticket to go on my driving record what do I need to do?

Your only recourse may be to attend Traffic School in California. Doubt seriously that California will let you do that school in Arizona.

Why do police give speeding tickets?

Because driving above the speed limit is a traffic violation

How long can you wait before taking traffic school for a speeding ticket in California?

18 months

Speeding in California 10 mph over posted limit?

In California, speeding 10 mph over the posted speed limit will result in a ticket for about $250. You may also have to go to traffic school.

What are misdemeanor traffic tickets in Nevada?

All infractions are misdemeanor in Nevada , speeding , careless driving , ..... that's crazy

Is there a statute of limitations on a speeding ticket in California?

There is no statute of limitations for a traffic tickets in California. You have been duly informed and charged with the violation by the ticket.

Can you attend traffic school for citation for driving solo in carpool lane in California?

YES.....the carpool ticket is considered a regular moving violation like a speeding ticket of any other moving violation.

Regarding moving violations like speeding tickets does Washington share information with California?

Traffic citations follow your driving record; they're not confined state to state. No matter where you're licensed or in what state you got a ticket, it will be attached to your driving record.

How much will a ticket cost for going 55 in a 35mph zone in California?

California Speeding Ticket "How much will a ticket cost for going 55 in a 35mph zone in California? For a California speeding ticket you will receive a courtesy notice in about two weeks that will give you the amount of the fine, information on a Trial by Declaration and advise if you are eligible for traffic school. California has one of the highest speeding ticket fine schedules in the nation. If believe that this speeding ticket will be around 350.00. A trail by declaration allows you to plead not guilty and contest the citation by mail. My information indicates that the speeder loses about 90% of the time, especially if it was CHP. You also probably will lose your option of traffic school. For a California speeding ticket your best option is to take an online traffic school and keep the ticket off your record. Here is a link for more information: California Online Traffic School

What is considered reckless driving in Illinois?

Reckless driving in Illinois is driving recklessly and carelessly. Not following traffic rules, over-speeding, disregard for others safety, etc are also considered as reckless driving.

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