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Try gunpartscorp and Wisner's websites.

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Q: Can you still get parts for a Springfield Model 87A 22 rifle?
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How can you order parts for the Crosman air rifle storm xt model c1k773932?

Crosman still supports this model and has parts. See the links below.

Can you still get parts for a Springfield Model 234 22 rifle?

No. I have one of these rifles and have been trying to track down some info on them, to no avail.have spoken to both springfield and savage and neither had info on this gun.Have you tried Numrich gun parts corp?They may be found on the web.I would also look at under gun parts,and look at E-bay they can still list and sell gun parts depending upon your needs.

What ammo can i shoot in your springfield model 1898?

The US model 1898 Krag Jorgenson rifle was chambered for the 30-40 krag cartridge.These are still loaded by remington arms company.

Where can you get parts for my crosman 2200 magnum 22 cal pellet rifle?

Crosman still has some parts available for this model. See the link below.

Who sells parts for crosman air rifle model 1077 air rifle in Canada?

You can still order 1077 parts from Crosman in New York. See the parts and owners manuals link below. Then contact Crosman Customer service and order your parts.

What is the value of a Springfield 45-70 model 1873 serial 205937?

Your Springfield model 1873 rifle which was made in the year 1883 will generally bring between 650-1,000 dollars,depending on the overall condition of your rifle.This is assuming that it is still in a all military finish,and has a bore that is in good condition.

A manual to take down a model 2100 crosman air rifle?

Crosman still had parts available for this rifle. They also have, on their web page, a link to all their parts and manuals. try

Where can you go on line to find parts for Glenfield model 60 rifle?

Marlin still manufactures the model 60 so you should be able to get parts directly from their service department. Here is a link to the model 60 on their web site. At the bottom of the linked page you can download a free user manual for your rifle.

What is the value of a Springfield rifle or shotgun model 67 F?

I have a 12 ga 67F, 28" modified that I bought in a pawn shop in 1973. Still shoots great after thousands of rounds. I paid $65 for it then.

What is the value of a Revelation 308 rifle model R220A and can you still get parts?

Your rifle is a Mossberg 800A. Some parts may be available from Mossberg, some are available for gunpartscorp thru their website, and some may be available thru havlinsales at their website. Good luck!

What is a Hy Score BB model rifle worth?

In order to get an estimate of value I need to know the model number, the condition of the rifle and is it still working?

Where can repair parts for the crosman 760 be obtained?

There are several variations of this rifle model 760. I suggest you contact Crosman corp. They still have some parts available Go to and contact "customer service."

Where can you find parts for a Sears Model 2C 22 caliber rifle?

that rifle is actually a Winchester mod.131try numrich arms for parts. this was the first gun i ever it in 1976 or so. still have it.always will...good luck Dave retzlaff two rivers wi.

What year was Sheridan air rifle made?

What model. Its still in production.

Stevens Model 87A 22 you would like to Know when it was made and the value of it?

this rifle was made by savage and springfield from about 1938 to 1945 average price for a shooter is $50 to $100 not a very sought after rifle! tony f. It was made by Savage under the Springfield name and was last made in that time sears sold it for 40 bucks..........2009 and still hitting dimes at 30 yards!

Who has replacement parts for Crosman Storm XT air rifle?

Crosman still has parts for this rifle. contact Crosman at the link below (Customer service) and order the parts you need.

When did Remington start manufacturing the 30-06 Model 7600 pump rifle and is it still manufactured today?

Remington discontinued the Model 760 rifle at the end of 1982 and introduced the Model 7600, Model 76 (cheaper version) in 1983. Yes, it is still being made.

Need air pump seals for a model 760 crosman air gun?

Crosman still has parts for this model. See the links below for Customer Service Contact and all the Crosman parts and Owners manuals online. BTW it's an Air Rifle not an Air gun.

Who would have a parts manual for a model 312 Benjamin air rifle?

Crosman still has the parts manual for all it's rifles. On the home page click on "Download a Manual." Crosman owns Benjamin. see the link below

Can you still get parts for the Winchester model 70?


Can you still get a clip for a J Stevens Arms Company Springfield model 84c in .22 long or long rifle?

They are available at for $25 You can order it from part#: 115610C for $17.65 mine just showed up yesterday UPS

Remington model 33 22 single shot rifle can you still get parts fore it?

Check the Remington Society page here: Also

What is the value of a 22 LR Savage Springfield Model 187A serial B656145?

About $75-80.00. The reason for this is these guns are common and many where made. Almost all parts are still available through sites such as

Can you still get parts for the Winchester model 70 7mm?


CAN YOU GET a diagram drawing for revelation model 100 rifle?

If you know who made it, and they are still in business, probably.