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You can only survive on Earth but no other planet.

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Why there is no life on other planets?

Life can't survive anywhere but Earth

Why is earth more important from other planets?

Because humans (and other life) can survive on Earth.

Earths location in relation to other planets?

We can breath, we can survive, we can live and we have people on it.

Is there any life on planets exepet earth?

no........there are no substancs to survive on other planet.

Is there people in other planet?

people r 97 percent sure that there r no lives on other planets but there is only 3 percent chance that there r, but if u think, there r no water on other planets, earth is the only planet that has water, so how can other people survive on other planets if there r no water, people need water to survive, just think about it! :)

Why it would be difficult for human to live on planets other the earth?

Because other planets don't have an atmosphere, oxygen, food, and water and we need those things to survive

Why can life survive on earth but not on other planets?

Life as we know it is based around liquid water. And not many planets apart from Earth has that in our Solar System.

How is earth different from other planets?

First off, we humans can only survive on earth :) Most other planets also have volcanoes, mountains, and some are said to have had rivers :)It is the only planet that can support life, the only one that has liquid water and the only planet that life can survive on.

What would you need to survive on other planets?

u would need water, food, air, other people, and last of all, everything we have on earth!

How much dangerous planets are there?

As long as you stay here on Earth, no other planet poses any danger to you.But if you were to go to any other planet, you couldn't survive there.

How many planets that are dangerous?

As long as you stay here on Earth, no other planet poses any danger to you.But if you were to go to any other planet, you couldn't survive there.

How many planets are there that can be dangerous?

As long as you stay here on Earth, no other planet poses any danger to you.But if you were to go to any other planet, you couldn't survive there.

Why does we human being only can survive in earth why not in other planet is their is any planet where we can survive?

We only can live on Earth because Earth provides us with everything we need. Other planets such as Mercury or Jupiter cannot hold us. For example, Mercury or the other planets don't have water, or fertilized areas to plant vegetables and plants. Jupiter and the other gas giants such as Saturn and Neptune don't have a surface, so we would probably die. The most and final important thing is that the other planets don't have air.

Why is the earth the only planet with living things?

Most other planets do not have the resources that a human/living thing needs to live and survive.

What is the space achievement?

To see if Life can survive in space or on planets.

On what planets would a person weigh more than on Earth?

There are 4 planets in our solar system that are larger than the Earth and which, therefore, have stronger gravitational fields, and a person would weigh more on those planets than on Earth (although it is not easy to either get to those planets or to survive while on them, but that is a separate issue). Those planets are: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. There are also many other large planets in other star systems.

What characteristic does earth share with other planets that makes it different from outer planets?

By definition a characteristic shared with other planets CAN NOT make it different from other planets.

How do we use the other planets?

what do you mean use other planets?

Are there storms on other Planets?

yes! there are storms on other planets.

Is there any other planets?

yes, there are other planets besides earth, and there are other planets in solar systems throughout the universe

Why study the atmosphere?

Here are some reasons to study the atmosphere:Anything you study makes you smarter!The atmosphere surrounds us, so we should understand it and know how it worksThe atmosphere allows us to survive, so it's important to understand how to protect and sustain itThe atmospheres on other planets are similar to ours, so if we understand our atmosphere, we can learn more about other planetsThere might be breathable atmospheres on other planets, so we should understand what to look for and see if we could survive there

Could the Planets Survive Without the Sun?

The planets would continue to exist. However, life as we know it would not be possible.

How are the inner planets similar to dwarf planets?

The other planets are not similar to dwarf planets.

Are tsunamis on other planets?

Is water on other planets? In that the awnser lies.

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