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can I take a portable dvd player on a plane, 7 inch screen, RCA


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DVD player on planeYes, you can take portable DVD players and laptops.

a dvd player is a machine which can play the dvd but a dvd converter is a software for your iPod to iPod MP4, MP3, AAC, M4A with luxuriant sound and picture quality, then take DVD movies and music you love into your iPod simply and fast. The DVD to iPhone conversion is also easy to handle with this DVD to iPod ripper software.

The iLuv I1255 (and other models) DVD player with iPod dock, the Philips DCP851 (and other models) DVD player with iPod dock, the Philips DCP851 DVD player with iPod dock.

No, ipod can't be connected to RCA jacks in a Car DVD player. RCA is used for normal connection for A/V sources, but for ipod, unless your Ford factory DVD player support ipod, your ipod can't work in your DVD. But like this Eonon E1091 Car DVD player, it has such function itself.

Check the back the DVD player box. my first guess would be the iPod classic, video Nano 3G and the touch just guesses

DVD is not the format support by iPod. You need conversion tool to convert it first. With DVD to iPod Converter, you can convert DVD to iPod video and audio files and load them to your iPod. See link for tutorial

No Because, Actually The Plane Can Fall, The Engines Will Stop Working.

No but somethings are phones portable DVD player

Yes the Philips DCP951/37 9-Inch Portable DVD Player with iPod Docking is a very nice option.

DVD have a CSS protect. With Mac users , you can download a DVD ripper to convert it to iPod mp4 format and then use iTunes sync it to your iPod.

yes we can use DVD players on plane to listen songs. but we cant see the movies using DVD player!!!!!!!!!

The Apple IPod is the overall best mp3 DVD player combo. The sound is good and video playback is impressive.

If want to put DVD movies on iPod nano, you can use Aimersoft Mac DVD to iPod converter:

The proper way for u is to refer to ripping DVD into iPod compatible format ,mp4. So that the DVD can be supported and played by iPod.

DVD movies have copyright protections and it is encoded in MPEG-2 format. To get DVD movie to iPod, you need to use DVD ripper to bypass the copyright protection and convert DVD to iPod mp4 format You can refer to this tutorial to learn how to convert DVD movies to iPod mp4 format, then you can sync the movie to iPod.

I assume you mean to ask if a DVD player can play a video file recorded on an iPod. Maybe. iPod movies are recorded in MOV format. Check your player's specifications to see if it will play MOV files (some don't).

it depends on what type of plane. I think the first class seats on the new airbus plane do. their are also many different adapters that work with DVD players that let them run on AA or 9 volt battery's.

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As I know, you can use a DVD ripping software to rip DVD to iPod video (.mp4), then, transfer the video to iPod with iTunes. Just Google it or you can refer to the link below.

you need a DVD ripper to convert your DVD into the formats that your iPod supports such as mp3,mp4,m4v .DVD Ripper can directly rip DVD (including protected DVD with CSS) for playback on iPod. With this best DVD to iPod Ripper, you can edit video with unique editing features to trim, crop, adjust effect, add watermark, etcPS, you d better back up your DVD before ripping ,just in case. Here is a guide on how to rip DVD to iPod , wish it helps

There are many brands of car dvd player. The best depends on requirements you have on the car dvd player. Just take the quality and price into consideration.

There is software available to convert a DVD to an iPod. It is important that you have an iPod that has these capabilities as well as a computer capable of using the software.

Step by step guide about converting DVD, Videos, Flash and Youtube videos to iPod:

First,you should use a DVD Ripper so as to rip DVD to other formats ipod support. (iPod supports MP4 (supported by iPod, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPod Classic etc.), MOV (Quick time video), M4V (standard video for iPod and PSP)) Second, add ripped DVDs to itunes,and sync itunes with iPod manually.

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