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Can you take Oxycontin and Xanax together?

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For the drug user and lover, the effects are amazing. Not only do you get the satisfying high of the opioid but you also get the relaxing calm feeling from the xanax. Together the combination is outstanding. But from an medical point of view death may be a result, These two are a deadly combination when used in high dosage, they both slow the heart rate down and if slowed down to much you of course die. From my experiences with these drugs I recommend not to try I b/c you will without a dought love it. But sometimes love kills.
Zanax is an anti-anxiety drug and Oxycontin is a pain killer. They are both considered downers. I would not recommend taking them both together because the have a similar effect on the body. I would ask a pharmacist to be sure. I would also let whoever is prescribing know that you are currently taking the other drug.

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yes. you'll probably die, though

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