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As you ovulate and conceive 2 weeks before a period you cannot yet take a pregnancy test.

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Q: Can you take a pregnancy test if you're not due to start your period for another two weeks but think you are pregnant or do you have to wait for your period?
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If you start your period early can you still be pregnant?

if you start your period a week early is that a sign of pregnancy?

Took pregnancy test came out negative period is due in 5 days could i still be pregnant?

yes you could still be pregnant. My first pregnancy test cam back negative too...and I WAS pregnant! Call your Dr. and have them give you one. or take another one in a couple of weeks if you don't start your period.

Is it likely you are pregnant if you have cramps and got a pimple like you usually do before your period but your period did not come and a home pregnancy test was positive?

Early pregnancy feels just like your period is going to start. if your home test was positive, then you are pregnant. ~pawsalmighty

You start your period in 5 days if you take a pregnancy test now will it show if you am pregnant?

yes. and IF ur pregnant, u won't get ur period in 5 days.

What is the earliest age for pregnancy?

Well, if you've started your period, that's the age you start becoming pregnant...

Can you get pregnant because you do not start your period for two months?

You can be pregnant. You need to consult the family physician . He may go for periodical pregnancy tests.

Do you have to start on your period to get pregnant?

No, you don't have to start your period to get pregnant. Menstruation only occurs if you ovulate and don't fall pregnant - ovulation occurs before menstruation - so it would be possible to ovulate and get pregnant before ever having your first period. Always use birth control to prevent unintended pregnancy.

What if your period is 28 days late the you start your period but still have a signs of pregnancy with 3 faint positive hpts?

You're pregnant. Congratulations!

Will a pregnancy test tell me if im pregnant two weeks before my period is supposed to start?

No. If your period doesn't arrive, then take a test

What pill is given to start your period and is it harmful if you think you maybe pregnant?

Before using a drug to start your period it would be wise to use a pregnancy test, if you are pregnant it won't work but could cause birth defects.

Could you still be pregnant if you start your period and it is heavy a week after possible conception?

Yes, you very well could be pregnant. Wait two weeks then take another pregnancy test. No, when you bleed several days after conception, there is no possible chance of being pregnant.

Your period didn't start as normal you had all the pregnancy symptoms. But now at day 37 you have some bleeding Is this just your period late or could you still be pregnant?

You could still be pregnant. Light bleeding is common early in pregnancy. Take a test.

Could you be pregnant if your husband ejeculated inside you and you took one pregnancy test that read positive and another that read negative and your period should start in a week?

you should wait until your period due date to see if you get a period if no period --you should do a home pregnancy test on that day and after you miss your period like about a week after and plus all you need to pregnant is a little not alots of cum to get pregnant See your doctor for a blood test to confirm the pregnancy or to rule out pregnancy. Its normal for most of the sperm to leave the vagina after ejaculation. It looks like most of the sperm but in actual fact it isn't most of the sperm. Good luck at the doctors.

Can a girl get pregnant when they are on the rag?

Yes it is possible for the girl to get pregnant if during her period. Having un-protected sex can cause pregnancy. However the girl is most likely to become pregnant in between the end of her period until the start of it.

What could it be if your breasts are very sore but you are not due to start your period for another three weeks?

Are you sure that your not pregnant? if not go get an At home pregnancy test if your sure your not pregnant then chances are it's just your hormones going a little crazy before your period! Isn't being a woman great? LOL!

Am I pregnant if my period doesn't come on sugar pills?

It is a possibility that you are pregnant if your withdrawal bleed (not a period) doesn't start on your placebo pills. If concerned take a pregnancy test to confirm one way or the other.

Do you start pregnancy right after you miss your period?

Pregnancy is actually counted from the day after your last period ended. Once you miss your period, you are considered to be one month pregnant. However, most of the time, conception occurs two weeks before the missed period.

Can you be pregnant and starte your period a week early and spotted pink and brown then your period get heavier?

You can spot during a pregnancy but if you start bleeding heavily it can be a sign of a miscarriage.

What pregnancy symptoms start showing at 5 weeks pregnant?

The most common pregnancy symptoms at five weeks are missed period, nausea, breast tenderness, and fatigue.

Can you start the pill without having your period?

Your are suppose to start the birth control pill the Sunday after your period. If you haven't had a period its best to take a pregnancy test to make sure your not pregnant. If you test is negative then you can go to your gyne doctor and they can give you a pill to start your period.

How can you tell if you are pregnant and you don't know when your period should start?

Wait a few weeks and get the idea that you might be pregnant out of your head. If you've had your period before, but don't get it for the next month or two, take a few pregnancy tests. And start using condoms...

If you take a pregnancy test two days before you are surpose to start your period and it comes back negative can you still be pregnant?

Yes. The earlier you take the test, the higher the likelihood that it will be inaccurate. If you still don't get your period, take another test.

I thought I was suppose to start my period tomorrow but Im having brown muscus coming out does that mean im startin my period or am i pregnant?

It sounds like to me that you have started or are going to start this period soon. Have you had unsafe sex recently? If you are concerned about being pregnant, get a pregnancy test or see a doctor.

Is having your period 3 days early a sign of pregnancy?

You shouldn't have a period at all if you are pregnant. At least that's what I've been told. Most of the time if a woman start her period then she isn't pregnant. But you should go to the doctor to see if you are.

If you do a pregnancy test and its positive then you start bleeding when ur period is due and then do another tests which is still positiveshould u worry.Bleeding is not heavy or with pain?

well it is possible to have a period while u are pregnant. not very common, but it is possible. my friend did, that's why she didnt know she was pregnant til she was almost months, because she had a period every month.