Can you take airsoft bbs on a plane?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Airport security is very tight since 9/11, and people at airports don't play around with things that they don't understand. Airsoft guns are a definite no, no; but the BB's is a tough call. Best to err on the side of caution - you probably can have the BB's in your luggage, but do not take them onto the plane with you.

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Not a good idea. Airsoft guns are replica's of actual guns and most good ones are very realistic. Since 9/11 and all of the tightening up of airport security you can get into a lot of trouble for having one with you on a plane. But you may be able to pack it in your luggage in the cargo area. I would check with the airline first to make sure before bringing it with me to any airport.

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Q: Can you take airsoft bbs on a plane?
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Airsoft bbs are made up of plastic and are 6mm in diameter and are .24 cal, BBs however are metal and are .177 cal (4.5mm)

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