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Most states require that you have a drivers license if you live there. They will honor another state's license if you are visiting or working there for a short while. States do share information, so if your license is suspended in one state, it is unlikely that you will be able to obtain one elsewhere.

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Q: Can you take another state's DMV test in the US?
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Where do you get your motorcycle license?

From the DMV. In some states you can take an MSF course instead of taking a test at the DMV.

Do you have to take another test when you go to the DMV to get your permit?

you do not have to but if you think you are daring then go for it

What questions are on the permit test?

It does depend but your states DMV site should have a practice test that you cam take and see what some of the questions will be

Where do I take the DMV Permit test from?

Your location will be a factor in finding where you would take the DMV test. Since that is unknown, use this website to locate the closest on to you;

Does the dmv provide a car for you to take the test in?


Is there such a thing as DMV practice test?

Yes, there are many resources out there for the DMV practice test. You may be able to take a practice test for free at your DMV or download questions online.

Is there a sample practice permit test?

You can take a practice permit test online. offers these test. Also you may want to try the DMV in your states website.

Where can you take your learners permit test?

at a DMV office

What to expect on the road test in NY?

On an NY road test, expect to take an emissions test and to take a right out of the DMV then a left onto a side street 2 minutes away. Take right turn onto another street and do a turnabout before doing an uphill parking and back to the DMV.

Can you take your drivers permit test in a different state than where your drivers Ed certificate is from?

You need to check with that states DMV .

Where can one take or find the CDL commercial drivers license practice test?

One can take the commercial drivers license practice test online or at one's local DMV. States' DMVs also offer online practice tests on the DMV website.

How long does it take to get your permit after the test?

if you go to the dmv to take the test you can get it right then but if you take the test online you have to wait 24 hours

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