Can you take another state's DMV test in the US?

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Most states require that you have a drivers license if you live there. They will honor another state's license if you are visiting or working there for a short while. States do share information, so if your license is suspended in one state, it is unlikely that you will be able to obtain one elsewhere.
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When you go to the DMV to get your learner's permit what do you need to bring to take the test?

You need to bring proper documentation to prove that you are who you say you are, such as a birth certificate. Check the sources below for more detailed information. A pencil will be provided for the written test. There is a 20-question test and you must get at least 14 correct to pass. Stud ( Full Answer )

How can you find a DMV practice permit test?

I took a practice test from the following web site before going to the DMV: They give you FREE 20 question DMV practice tests, and additional motor vehicle tips/information. I ended up passing the DMV test the first time I took it. Every other web site I went ( Full Answer )

When you go to the dmv to get your learner's permit in CA what do you need to bring to take the test?

Two forms of ID are required. You social security and School ID. Also, you will need your Birth Certificate. Or you green card or Visa. Also, Military ID is also accepted. Study the book and you'll do fine, and if you think you need more practice look for a free online practice test. I've found on ( Full Answer )

Is the dmv test hard?

if you study the hang book it wont be hard but the courses is a little bit hard my daughter took it and she keap asking me if i could help her.

How do you get a refund if you fail your DMV permit test?

You paid your money and they provided the test. The failure was on your part. You are probably allowed several tests for the one fee. So, practice up and try again. The money was for the application to take it. You have three attempts in California. You get three attempts in Texas too. After ( Full Answer )

Who are my state's US senators?

To find your state's senators, go to the related US Senate site below, which lists the senators from all 50 states and has contact information for them.

What is on the DMV test?

it depends on what state you are in and what test you are taking. The permit test is usually mainly signs (VA) and i do not know what is on the licence test.

Dmv nv skills test?

The DMV in NV has several Skill tests. If your a new driver or new to the state and under the age of 25 you'll have to take a written test (which is actually taken on a computer at the DMV). For these you can find a practice tests at For teen drivers there's also the ( Full Answer )

Who are your state's US representative?

You can always find this information at You enter your zip code in the upper left corner and the website will give you all the information.

Is the DMV permit test easier if it's oral or written?

Well, my friends say that the oral one is easier cause they ask easy basic questions and not complicated like the ones on that computer..but im not sure cause i failed the computer one twice n im gonna try the oral one 2morrow n find out which is easier!

Who takes the US citizenship test?

us citizens. The U.S citizenship test is taken by anyone who is applying to become a legal United States Citizen. I was born here but I still took it just for fun in school and I failed it. It is a very mentally challenging quiz.

Does the dmv give you the same written test?

No, there are several versions of the written test so that you don't have the possibility of getting the same test that you may have already previously failed.

Will the DMV take your state tax refund?

In some states, the state will take your state refund for any debt or fine you might owe to the state or any state agency. It will depend on the law and practices of the particular state and vary from state to state.

How is the driving test at the escondido dmv?

its really easy, and it only takes like 10 mins, they dont make you park at a curb and drive in reverse. its just basic stuff. but a few of the testers are super strict about having to go in the bike lane to turn and looking at ur surroundings at a stop light

What are the answers to the DMV permit test?

Since they use several version and rotate them on it would be hardto get the exact answers to the test you'll be given. The best wayto pass is to get a copy of the drivers manual and find a free dmvpractice tests online.

What are the answers to the dmv test in Florida?

If you study from the government handbook, you will do fine. However, if you would like to further prepare, take a few free practice tests, such as through the website or through their mobile iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android apps.

Can another person take the SAT test for you?

obviously the answere is NO the sat is strictly monitored and when you goand take the test they require you to take a picture id... maybe if you have a twin he or she can do it but that's not the smartest thing to do.. but keep in mind that if someone finds out that you cheated your future is going ( Full Answer )

Is costa mesa dmv driving test hard?

Jonathan Picture this. In the first couple of minutes you are driving toward the intersection, the light has just turned green. The examiner says to turn right at the light. You notice a police officer parked in the shopping center facing you. As you start the turn, a ped at the far side steps off t ( Full Answer )

Is the dmv written test hard?

In Virginia...Not that much hard it is. but it will make you confuse and scary! Because the question Answers are like related each other but only 1 is the answer. I suggest you read carefully every line when you will take test and take your time to think and I hope not but if you fail 1st time so pl ( Full Answer )

What do you need to take with you to the DMV to get your permit?

You need to take your completed Driver License or Identification Card Application, social security number, birth certificate with your true full name, proof of driver education completion, and you will need to pay a fee if you are under 18.

Why is Justin Bieber taking another paternity test?

Ok well i love him with all my heart but he took one after the suit was dropped just to prove that he was not worried about anything and he knew that he was not the father but stupid Mariah Yeater decieded that it was probably fake so she refiled for the paternity suit and this time she has to watch ( Full Answer )

How many times can you take the dmv practice test?

A DMV practice test can be taken any number of times until the person taking the test feels capable of doing the test for real, it is important to consider that practice tests cost

How can you find a DMV Virginia practice test?

The State of Virgina website offers a sample test, which is probably your best bet, because it will have questions most relevant to the current laws. There are, also, a number of websites that offer sample tests, either free of charge for a small fee.

What is the best way to prepare for the DMV driving road test?

The best way to prepare for the DMV driving road test is by reading the driver's handbook and practice driving with an experienced driver. It is best to look up what one can expect on the test and practice those specific requirements.

What are the odds of taking learners permet test again at dmv?

Difficult to determine the odds of failing. It depends on a variety of factors including the difficulty of the test, as well as how well your driver's education class prepared you for the test. Most of the kids in my class passed the first try, but you can always take it again.

How much is the dmv air brake test?

In most states, the tests are free at the DMV. If your state doescharge for testing, then it'll vary according to state.

What DMV near Columbia SC has the easiest road test?

The road tests will be standardized for the entire state -everything you have to do at one DMV office in order to pass yourroad test, you'll have to do at any other DMV in the state. The only real degree of difficulty variance you're likely to see ishow strict the tester is, and even if one DMV has ( Full Answer )

Is one state's will valid in another?

Yes, if a Will or Trust were on file in one state and the person died in another, their will is as legally enforceable in the second state as it was in it's original filing state. The issue is that only the probate court in the original filing state would have jurisdiction over the matter. So you ( Full Answer )

If a person can't take the eye test on a driving test with the DMV not give them a license or not renew it?

I'm not sure what state or even what country you are in, but, in most areas, DMV eye tests only require you to have 20/40 vision and you look in the machine with both eyes, so, as long as one eye can see 20/40, you should be able to pass. Even if you don't pass, I don't think they are going to confi ( Full Answer )