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You can take back a claim for damage to your own property. You can't take back a claim where you are liable for damage to another party.

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Q: Can you take back a claim once you submitted it to the insurance company?
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You have been overpaid by a insurance company can they claim it back?


Is there a way to obtain someone's homeowners insurance after a fall if they are not willing to provide it?

You cannot go behind someone's back and file a claim on their insurance. If it is a major injury you can file suit and they will have to provide it to their insurance company so that the insurance company will defend them or settle the claim. This is to force the issue.

If your auto is hit the other driver's auto insurance pays all medical expenses and so does your health insurance must you reimburse your company?

You do not have to reimburse your insurance company if the accident is the fault of the other driver and the claim is made on their insurance. If the accident is the fault of the other driver and their insurance does not cover everything and you make a claim on your insurance for reimbursement, your insurance will subrogate (collect back) from the other company.

Can a mortgage company keep the unused portion of insurance claim money when the job is completed and inspected in tennesse?

No. It would have to be sent back to the insurance company if they paid too much.

Do i have to tell my insurance company about Second Life?

When applying for life insurance you need to always answer the applications correctly and honestly or a claim may be denied. If you purchase new life insurance you do not need to go back to your already in force insurance company and advise them.

If I am a beneficiary on a life insurance policy and owe back taxes or have filed bankruptcy will the insurance company hold the check?

No, they will pay the claim to you and then you will be able to do what is fiscally responsible.

How Life insurance claim process does works?

Insured person dies. You (beneficiary) call insurance company and place a claim, they send you paperwork, you fill paperwork out and mail back with death certificate, Claim is paid in a few days to a few short weeks.

Can you get your insurance company to look back and reevaluate a claim they denied years ago?

You may be able to but it isn't very likely.

Can you file a claim on both insurance companies yours and the party at fault in an auto accident?

Yes, you can. However, ultimately it is the at fault party's insurance company that will pay for the claim. In such a case, you will file a claim under your collision coverage and be subjected to the deductible. Once the claim is settled, your company will subrogate the loss with the other company(i.e. get reimbursed). Once that happens, you will be provided your deductible back. If you go through the at fault party's policy, you would file the claim under the property damage of the policy.

If you get your claim money for damages to your house from the insurance company and find a contractor to do the work for less can you keep the extra money from the claim?

Yes, you can keep the extra money you saved by finding a contractor to do the work cheaper than what the insurance company estimated. The insurance company prepared an estimate of the damage. If you could not find a contractor to do the work for what the insurance company estimated, you could ask them for more money. If they chose to pay you for the damage before it was fixed, they cannot ask for it back if you got the work done cheaper.

What is the statute of limitations for filing a health insurance claim?

It depends on how the insurance policy is worded. Call the health insurance company and ask what timely filing limit is. Most insurance companies will go back 1 year from the service date. Sometimes it will be less.

What is look back period in visitors travel insurance?

The pre-existing look back period for a travel insurance policy is the number of days that the insurance company will “look back” to determine if a claim is related to a pre-existing condition. The look back period is generally between 60 and 180 days prior to the travel insurance policy's purchase date depending on the policy selected.

Insurance raise for a fender bender only minor scratches invoved Geico insurance?

Every company have their own rules regarding premium changes to their policy. You will need to either speak to your agent or the customer representative to find out why your premium change. In some case, you may be able to buy back the claim(essentially reimbursing the claim cost to the insurance company) and have the change removed.

In insurance what is the principle of contribution?

a person can get same subject-matter insured by more than one insurance company. In case of loss he will be, jointly and proportionately, compensated by all insurance companies so that claim amount do not exceed actual loss. This is relevant in non-life insurance. Say for example; if a person holds two fire insurance policy on same building and he incur a loss of Rs 50,000 due to fire. he can not claim Rs. 50,000 from each insurance company rather both insurance companies will jointly pay Rs.50000 in certain ratio (may be 1:1 or in ratio of their premium or insurance policy amount, etc...) in case if one insurance company paid whole amount of claim, it has a right to call other company(s) to contribute/pay back their share

Your car was recently totaled by insurance company can you buy it back from the insurance company?

I totaled my Mustang and was able to buy it back from the insurance company. They gave me the Blue-Book value less my $500 deductable. They would not insure it after I repaired it, I had to switch insurance carriers to get coverage.

What is the processing time for a life insurance claim?

It veries from company to company. Despite what you see on TV the insurance co does want to pay the claim. The process is notifying your company of the death. They send out claims paperwork, you fill out and send back with death certificate, from that point it should only take a week or two. Overnighting the documents will speed things along. Also, consider asking the agent for help. 4lifeguild

What is the name of a company who can provide more information on lodging an work compensation claim?

Erie Insurance is a name of a company that can and will provide information on lodging a work compensation claim. They have a workplace injury program, a prescription drug program, and also focus on an early return back to work.

If a car is stolen but there is no damage do i have to take it back?

If you have not settled with the insurance company you will have to take it back. If the insurance has paid out it is their car.

How do you accelerate the insurance claim process?

Speeding Up an Insurance Claim First, document when and to whom you spoke, and what about from the first report of the claim to every subsequent conversation. Next, call the claims office of the adjuster and let them know you want an answer or you will have to call their supervisor. If you hear nothing back after a day's time, call the claims office and ask for the supervisor. Explain the situation. Give that supervisor another day to find out what is going on then call back. If you still get no answer, you can call that person's supervisor or even your state's insurance department. All of this may or may not get a settlement to you quicker but you can be certain that complaints to supervisors and the insurance department are taken seriously. Insurance companies see a claim as their chance to perform, to prove the value of their service. Happy insures stay with their company and sometimes even recommend the company to others. Also, there are provisions in your policy that detail how a loss will be handled - so make sure you read it over carefully. The policy and state law spell out how long an insurance company has to furnish forms to you by which you can document the value of your loss, etc. From there, the impetus is upon the insurance company to settle the claim promptly, taking what time is needed to properly handle the claim, but no more. Is this length of time too long to take to settle this claim.

What is the history of the American Family Insurance Company?

American Family Insurance Company opened back in October 3, 1927. Back then it was called Farmers Mutual Insurance Company. It expanded from handling rural areas to larger towns over the years.

Can you get your deductible back when your auto insurance is subrogating?

Yes. In many cases your insurance company may waive your deductible if the third party's insurance company accepts liability.

If a vehicle crashes into the back of me do you lose your no claims bonus?

If the driver of the vehicle who crashed into you has insurance, you would file a claim with his or her insurance company, not your own, and this should not jeopardize your no claims bonus. However, if the driver is uninsured, and you elect to seek redress from your own company, this may jeopardize the bonus. Check with your agent to be sure: policies vary from company to company and sometimes from policy to policy.

Can car insurance company sue you for not enough property damge insurance in louisiana?

The question is not altogether clear, but it seems to relate to the insurance concept of "subrogation". This is an equitable process by which. when an insurance company pays the claim of its own insured, it "inherits" the right to pursue the wrongdoer (presumably, you) to collect back what it paid. If the wrongdoer had some liability insurance, but not enough to cover 100% of the other insurer's claim, it still has the obligation to try to settle the claim "within policy limits" (meaning, to compromise the claim), if it is possible to do so so that you are not exposed to personal liability for the excess. Keep in mind that if you deny fault for the occurrence, your liability insurer normally still has the right to pay and to settle the claim as the insurance policy notmally gives the insurer the right to "control the defense".

What is it called when one insurance pays and then gets the money back from the other insurance?

That would be a subrogation lien. One insurance company has paid another insurance company's debt, so they have the right to collect it.

What do you do when you are in an accident that was not your fault but the other driver's insurance company won't pay for the damages saying they cannot determine who was at fault?

The insurance companies usually settle each claim independantly. Your insurance will pay yours, the other co will pay theirs. But your insurance will go up. If you have only the required liability insurance your company will not pay for your damage. If you do not have comprehensive and collision, you may have to sue the at-fault driver to force his insurance carrier pay. If you have coverage of your own, you can file a claim with your agent and immediately collect the damages (less your deductible) and your company will sue his if necessary. If and when they win or receive a settlement, you will get your deductible back. Also, if the other driver is determined to be at fault, your rates should not increase.