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Can you take chlorpheniramine with Zoloft?

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Yes.. but it isn't recommended.

Mixing chlorpheniramine maleate with pretty much an SSRI or SRNI medication will guarantee you a massive headache that lasts for hours.

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Can you take Zoloft with Ativan?

can you take ativan with zoloft

Can you take Zoloft and hydroxyzine together?

can i take zoloft and hydroxyzine together

Can you take seroquel and Zoloft together?

Answer can you take anything with zoloft that is not a antipychitic medication?

Can you take Zoloft and tramadol together?

Can i take zoloft and tramadol together?thanks

Is it safe to take lithium and Zoloft together?


Can you take Lortab when you are on Zoloft?

yes you can take a narcotic / opiate / benzo with zoloft all compatible

Can you take ciprofloxacin and Zoloft together?

can ciprofloxacin and zoloft be taken together

Does zoloft cause sexual disfunction?

No, it doesn't. I take zoloft... it doesn't.

How long does it take for Zoloft to stop workin once you stop taking it?

How long does it take for zoloft to stop working

Can you take Zoloft and flexeril?

Yes. I can take Zoloft as it is a good medicine for depression. Also it helps in cases of ED.

Can you take Zoloft Buspar and Ativan together?

Not sure about Buspar, but you can take Zoloft and Adivant together as long as it is prescribed that way. Usually your Dr will have you on Zoloft daily and Adivant as needed.

Can you take Zoloft with Clenbuterol?

if u want to know if you can takeZoloft with Clenbuterol then go to zoloft.com and clenbuterol on wikipediasrry i can answer :(

Can you take Claritin while on 50mgs of sertralin genaric for Zoloft?

I take 50mg Zoloft and 10mg Claritin daily...it was prescribed.

Will Zoloft show up on a military drug test?

No they don't test for Zoloft. BTW you can take Zoloft and be in the Military up to a certain MG.

Can you take NyQuil while on Zoloft?

You should not take NyQuil while on Zoloft. If you need to, you should take another kind of OTC cold medication.

Can Zoloft work right away?

Zoloft may take up to eight week for the effects

How much Zoloft does it take to kill you?

A lot. Overdosing on Zoloft will get you very sick, but probably not kill you.

Can you take Zoloft and clomid?

I was talking Clomid and Zoloft the first cycle and did not get pregnant. Talking more to my doctor she said to stop taking the Zoloft. The pharmacy says that Zoloft lowers your ability to get pregnant.

Can you take Phenocal if you take Zoloft?

It is not suggested to take Phenocal if you take Zoloft. Always inform your doctor before mixing medications or taking medications you don't know much about.

Can i take levocetirizine with chlorpheniramine?

We know nothing of your medical history. You need to ask your doctor.

Is it okay to take two 50mg Zoloft to equal 100mg?

Yes-there is no difference between one 100 mg Zoloft and two 50 mg Zoloft.

Can you take Zoloft and multivitamins together?

It's best to wait at least 2 hours after taking the zoloft.

Can you take Zoloft and anabolic steroids?

Yes, but be forewarned that steroids can exacerbate the symptoms that Zoloft normally treats.

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