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Q: Can you take paroxetine with amitriptyline?
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Is NyQuil safe to take if you take amitriptyline?

is it safe to take Nyquil with amitriptyline

Paroxetine are you able to take doxepin with paroxetine?

yes you can take the two combined meds of doxepin and paroxetine. most ofter the 2 drugs are prescribed together for patients over the age of 60 for extreme cases of depression

Can you take amoxicillin with amitriptyline?

can you take amoxicillin taking whist amitriptyline

Can you take amitriptyline and Cymbalta at the same time?

This is a moderate interaction. SSRI antidepressants might cause your blood pressure to drop too low when taken with certain blood pressure medications. Your doctor needs to monitor you until you become used to are these medicines. Be careful sitting or standing. Contact your doctor immediately if you become dizzy, confused, faint when standing up, or have rapid heartbeat.

Can quetiapine be taken together with amitriptyline?

yes i take 300mg of seroquell and 30mg of amitriptyline

Can you take paroxetine and pristiq together?

can you take pristiq and paxil together

Can you take coricidin and Paxil?

Do not use delsym cough medicine while on Prozac / fluoxetine this can cause hallucinations and serotonin imbalance i am not sure about mucinex but so far i Havent found any thing saying you cant take those two medicines together . ask your local pharmacist about drug interactions they will be able to tell you the most accurate information

What time to take amitriptyline?


Is it safe to take paroxetine and amoxicillin together?