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Q: Can you take xanax 6 hours after taking Sudafed?
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Can you take sudafed and Xanax?

Sudafed and Xanax safe together

Can you safely take xanax 4 hours after taking an Ativan?

yes,but be careful!

Can you take Sudafed if you are taking benicar?


Can you take xanax 5 hours after taking 40 mg of percocet?

yes, carefully

What are the effects of alcohol and Sudafed?

Please do not drink after you have taken this medication. I did and I felt horrible. I did not intend to drink after taking Sudafed, but I had two glasses of saki and one glass of wine and I was gone. I felt dizzy and completely intoxicated. I had taken the sudafed a couple of hours before I started drinking, but it was still in my system. Please be careful. Just take it with Xanax. You'll be good to GO.

Can you take mersyndol after taking brufen?

Can I take mersyndol and sudafed

Can you take xanax whitle taking doxycycline?

Yes but take Xanax 2 hours before the Doxycycline,,,Much calmer and it is only for a week to Cure Ear

Can you take Sudafed when taking antibiotics?

Yes you can. No interactions listed.

Can you take xanax after taking tizanidine?

yes you can take :)

Can you take NyQuil if you are taking Xanax?


If your taking Cymbalta can i take Sudafed?

It's not a very good idea to take Sudafed while on Cymbalta. They have what is called a "moderate drug interaction". Taking them together can mess with your blood pressure.

Taking vitamins with Xanax?

well... taking vitamins and xanax wont increase your buzz, but if you take vitamins with cocaine it will!

Can you take xanax after taking suboxone 4mg 9 hours earlier?

suboxone is only 4 opiates xanax is a benzo so u should b fine

Can you take ibuprofen Sudafed and Xanax together?

Yes, you can definitely take Ibuprofen and Xanax together. They do not counteract one another. I have taken them together many times. I confirmed with my doctor and pharmacist, as well.

Can you take antacids after taking xanax?

Yes. You can take both of them together.

Can you take Xanax while taking antibiotics?

Yes, there is no problem in taking xanax the same way as usual when you're on antibiotic treatment.

How long does it take for a 0.25mg Xanax to get out of your system?

the half life of xanax is 12 hours.

Can you take Benadryl with Sudafed?

can i take benadryl with sudafed

Can you take Allegra allergy while taking Xanax?


When can you take a Lortab 10 after taking a xanax?

When your ready to nod out!

Can you take xanax three hours after consuming alcohol?

you should not consume ANY alcohol while taking Xanax. combining these 2 central nervous system depressants can result in cessation of breathing!

Can you take an NSAID while taking Xanax?

Yes, there is no direct interaction between xanax and any NSAID.

Can you take Sudafed with Aleve Sinus?

I am taking bactrim and septra, vicodin and lortab, and mobic and want to know if it ok to take sudafed pe non-drying sinus medication?

Can you take Sudafed with co codamol?

can i take cocodimol with sudafed

Can you take sudafed with Lexapro?

Can you take lexapr and sudafed together?