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Can you tame a wild animal?

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Yes u can tame a wild animal but u have to have the time.

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How do you tame a shark?

You can take the animal out of the wild, but you can't take the wild out of the animal.

How do you make a sentence with tame?

It is not easy to tame a wild animal.

Elephant is Wild or tame animal?

An elephant is originally wild and can be tamed. All animals are wild until you tame them.

How to tame an otter?

An otter is a wild animal, if you are going to tame one you will have to catch it as a baby.

How are wild raccoons different from tame raccoons?

They are exactly the same. There is no such thing as a truly tame raccoon. They are always a wild animal.

Is a Goat a wild animal or tame animal?

it depends .if its on a farm tamed. but like a mountain goat wild.

Is walrus wild or tame?

A walrus is a wild animal. Any animal is a wild animal. Even if kept in captivity, any animal can strike at any moment.

Is toy poodles tame or wild?

Neither, they are domesticated. A tame animal is a wild one that has become habituated to human contact. A domesticated animal is one that has been selectively bred to breed out undesirable 'wild' traits.

Not wild house pet is?

another name to an animal that is not wild

Is the word tame an action verb?

tame can be an adj: as well as a verb. tame (adj)= not wild; not dangerous or frightened of people tame (v)- make an animal tame so, tame is an action verb as well as an adj.

How much wheat does it take to tame a sheep in minecraft?

Sheep are already 'tame'. The only wild animal that can be tamed are wolves.

What is the oppoisite meaning of tame?

An animal which i tame has been handled with by humans and trained but an wild animal like a lion can kill or a giraffe can be frightned. Wild animals are more independent so keeping them like that is better.

What is the opposite tame?

The opposite of tame is... wild.

Is the shark a wild animal or tame animals?

a shark is a wild animal and can also be tamed if it was raised as a baby not even spending a day with an adult shark. how do you think the marine bioligists do all of that they tame them and then see what happens when they are tamed. so yes a shark can be tamed but naturally is a wild animal.

Is a raccoon a domestic animal?

No. raccoons are not domesticated and will always be a wild animal no matter how tame they may seem.

Are Labradors tame or wild?

Labradors are very tame not wild

Is a rabbit tame?

if you tame it...it will be. If it is wild then no.

Which animals should you keep wild or tame?

Tame. Not wild. They may look nice and beautiful far away but up close they are aggressive. But tame animals ( like dogs and cats ) are nice and lovable far away or up close. So do not get a wild animal ever!

How do you tame a wild unicorn?

The same way you tame a wild dinosaur.

Can you have a big backyard and tame a tiger?

i would not do it....you will need a license to have a wild animal in your backyard

Are polor bear wild or tame?

Polar bears are wild animals.

How do you tame wild dogs in minecraft?

You can tame wild dogs by giving them bones.

To tame wild animals?

Domesticate (to tame

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