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*YOU MIGHT TEACH ALMOST ANY SUBJECT THIS ANSWER IS DEDICATED TO ALL, WELL ALMOST ALL, OF THE TEACHERS, PROFESSORS, COUNSELORS AND ALL OTHER FACULTY AND STAFF AT ALL 15 OF THE SCHOOLS THAT THIS NAVY BRAT ATTENDED FROM 1955 TO 1973. FROM POINCIANA ELEMENTARY IN KEY WEST,Florida TO OLE MISS IN OXFORD, Mississippi, THANKS TO ALL OF Y'ALL! Now, back to the question at hand. Important: Caveat Literor -- take note the asterisk ( * ) *Depending upon what your Major was and what other subjects that you studied(and passed), *YOU MIGHT TEACH ALMOST ANY SUBJECT with which you are proficient enough to properly teach your knowledge of that subject to students. With a Major in Education you have already garnered many of the skills and requirements necessary to TEACH. You can TEACH students to TEACH. After all, it was professors and other teachers who TAUGHT you about education. You can continue your studies of your Major, the subject that you choose to teach and actually obtain another Major, Some of these credits can be earned at a local Junior/Community College so you can still work as rookie teacher, teacher aide, counselor aide etc. Too, that second Major can be elevated to Masters and Doctorate degree. Teachers/Educators make the world a better place. The world needs all of the good qualified teachers that it can get. Become a fond nemory in a successful person who did well because of what you taught them. ELTHRON

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Q: Can you teach if you only minored in education?
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Can you still be a teacher if you teach a subject you did not major in?

A person can teach the subject that they minored in. A teacher can also teach in Elementary Ed if that was their major in college.

What kind of training do teachers need?

General education, education in subject matter they are going to teach, and education in how to teach.

What education is needed to teach at High School Physical Education?

sex education (s.e) and physical education is needed to teach at high school this are the subjects below the word "education"

What is the past tense of minor?


What is the Slogan of girl child education?


After one earns a MS in Adult education-does the BS coursework make the pool of courses you are eligible to teach any larger oare you only allowed to teach courses pertaining to the MS?

Typically, at the college or university level, you can only teach those courses you have had graduate level work in.

How do you educate others on Pathogen Transmission?

Education about the transmission of pathogens is not fundamentally different from education about anything else. You teach people in schools, you teach them at home, you teach them with public service announcements on television.

Why teaching is considered a profession?

teaching is a profession because one has to undergo a long education first before he or she can teach and only licensed teachers can, it could not be anybody's job

Was education important in ancient China?

Yes! Education was important to Ancient China! There was even a great school that only the smartest students could teach and learn at! <3

What subjects you choose in BA if you want to a teacher?

You should probably major in the subject you want to teach and minor in education. Say you wanted to teach Biology, you could major in Biology and minor in secondary education. If you want to teach elemtary then you can major in elementary education or minor in it with a major in something you would like to teach.

What education is required to teach math in college?

The answer depends on the university. Usually, you need at least a Master's degree to teach at a university. I've never heard of a college professor with only a Bachelor's degree.

What Can you do with a BS in Business Education?

Teach Business. :-)

Should teachers be responsible for children's education?

absolutely for primary education. for what other purpose does a teacher teach??? Teaching is profession as well as vocation.Teachers are supposed exactly not only to teach but to educate, especially where the child΄s frame of family or society is not proper. However, the child is equally, if not more responsible for their education. The teacher cant teach the child unless the child is willing to learn

What is difference between graduate education and undergraduate education?

In general, undergraduate education is designed to teach you to enough about a field to correctly interpret and follow someone else's directions to perform tasks in that field. Graduate education is designed to teach you to figure out what to do on your own.

What were Montesquieu's view on education?

to teach people stuff

What did the pilgrims teach the Indians?

Building,education and civilization

Do they actually teach sex education in America?

Yes. They do teach it in America. Not everywhere. Some places spend their money on teaching abstinence instead of sex education.

What training or education do you need to be a karate instructor?

You have to know what you are going to teach. There are no education requirements. Your particular organization may require specific criteria be met before you are authorized to teach.

Why is sociology of education important to a trainee teacher?

To teach you need to understand the foundations of education and form a philosophy on education. Without these things you aren't teaching. A teacher without a basic foundation and a philosophy is a person without a map on why or how to teach.

Why were there very few teachers in 1666?

In the 1600's schooling was done within the family mainly using the bible. Children were not expected to need much education. Only the rich could afford a tutor to teach their child music or poetry. Women were not allowed education beyond the basics and they couldn't teach. There was no formal teacher training for those who wanted to teach and many who did were clergy.

Is an associate's degree in teaching enough to teach elementary?

You could substitute teach. To teach as a full-time teacher you need to have a bachelor's degree in an education program and state teachers certification. There are alternative routes for individuals who have an existing bachelor's degree not in an education program, but still, you will need that bachelor's degree. Hang is there, if you plan on teaching as a career, you only have another two years to go.

Are there requirements for the special education certification If so, what?

In order for you to teach for special education you need a licence, not just the certification. Depending the state in which you teach, you might have other requirements required from the state.

When does Muslim religious education begin for children?

you can teach them when they start to talk but it is cupulsory for one to teach them when they reached maturity.

What is a sentence for the word education?

She's majoring in education and hopes to teach middle school history when she graduates.

What lessons do they teach in special education?

Special education is education for children with learning disorders and meets their needs. Lessons are often paced for the children