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*YOU MIGHT TEACH ALMOST ANY SUBJECT THIS ANSWER IS DEDICATED TO ALL, WELL ALMOST ALL, OF THE TEACHERS, PROFESSORS, COUNSELORS AND ALL OTHER FACULTY AND STAFF AT ALL 15 OF THE SCHOOLS THAT THIS NAVY BRAT ATTENDED FROM 1955 TO 1973. FROM POINCIANA ELEMENTARY IN KEY WEST,Florida TO OLE MISS IN OXFORD, Mississippi, THANKS TO ALL OF Y'ALL! Now, back to the question at hand. Important: Caveat Literor -- take note the asterisk ( * ) *Depending upon what your Major was and what other subjects that you studied(and passed), *YOU MIGHT TEACH ALMOST ANY SUBJECT with which you are proficient enough to properly teach your knowledge of that subject to students. With a Major in Education you have already garnered many of the skills and requirements necessary to TEACH. You can TEACH students to TEACH. After all, it was professors and other teachers who TAUGHT you about education. You can continue your studies of your Major, the subject that you choose to teach and actually obtain another Major, Some of these credits can be earned at a local Junior/Community College so you can still work as rookie teacher, teacher aide, counselor aide etc. Too, that second Major can be elevated to Masters and Doctorate degree. Teachers/Educators make the world a better place. The world needs all of the good qualified teachers that it can get. Become a fond nemory in a successful person who did well because of what you taught them. ELTHRON

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Q: Can you teach if you only minored in education?
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Can you still be a teacher if you teach a subject you did not major in?

A person can teach the subject that they minored in. A teacher can also teach in Elementary Ed if that was their major in college.

What education is needed to teach at High School Physical Education?

sex education (s.e) and physical education is needed to teach at high school this are the subjects below the word "education"

What is the past tense of minor?


Was education important in ancient China?

Yes! Education was important to Ancient China! There was even a great school that only the smartest students could teach and learn at! <3

Why is teaching considered a profession?

teaching is a profession because one has to undergo a long education first before he or she can teach and only licensed teachers can, it could not be anybody's job

After one earns a MS in Adult education-does the BS coursework make the pool of courses you are eligible to teach any larger oare you only allowed to teach courses pertaining to the MS?

Typically, at the college or university level, you can only teach those courses you have had graduate level work in.

How do you educate others on Pathogen Transmission?

Education about the transmission of pathogens is not fundamentally different from education about anything else. You teach people in schools, you teach them at home, you teach them with public service announcements on television.

How do i teach?

You can only answer the question. I know why I like to teach, but I am not you. If you don't know and are in teacher education you need to develop a philosophy about teaching. Without that you are like a person who is driving without a map. It is vital you know why you teach otherwise don't become a teacher.

What Can you do with a BS in Business Education?

Teach Business. :-)

What education is required to teach math in college?

The answer depends on the university. Usually, you need at least a Master's degree to teach at a university. I've never heard of a college professor with only a Bachelor's degree.

What subjects you choose in BA if you want to a teacher?

You should probably major in the subject you want to teach and minor in education. Say you wanted to teach Biology, you could major in Biology and minor in secondary education. If you want to teach elemtary then you can major in elementary education or minor in it with a major in something you would like to teach.

If J.K. Rowling was not a author what would she be?

We can only guess, but she used to teach English as a foreign language, so she might have continued in education.