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MBA degree designed for workfiled more than teaching since it is general master degree. However, teaching in a university depends on university rules and procedures , so some universities allows MBA holder to be a faculty in the university and some don't allowed. Unless, If MBA holder has a concentration in their degree which are focusing in three major electives in certain field. By this way MBA holder can teach in a university as an teacher assistant or adjunct instructor. They can teaches basic courses not major courses ( e.g. financial management).

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Yes you can. Some institutions may require that you take some prerequisite course work if you have not done so already. Those who pursue an MBA come from a variety of career fields.

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Q: Can you teach in a university with an MBA degree?
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Can someone with an MBA be a professor?

Yes, that is possible. The minimum educational requirement to teach at a college or university is a master's degree in the subject you are teaching.

Does Brown University Provide MBA degree?

No it does not!

From what university did Abby Johnson receive her MBA degree?

Harvard University

Where can one go for MBA degrees online?

Some of the best online programs for MBA degree candidates include the University of Florida, Regis University, and Syracuse University. Other online options for MBA degree candidates include the University of South Dakota and Walsh College.

Are there accredited online courses to reach my MBA?

You may obtain an accredited MBA degree online at the University of Phoenix. The university of Phoenix is only one example of several colleges where you can obtain an accredited online MBA degree.

Is PTU best for MBA?

can i do a govt. job after completed MBA? Yes you can do government job after completing mba degree but your university should be recognized by ugc.

What universities offer MBA courses online?

The University of Phoenix offers online masters degree courses in business administration. Upon completion of their courses, you will have earned an MBA degree online through the University of Phoenix.

Which is the correct term MBA post graduate or MBA graduate?

MBA Graduat would be the term to use... A Post Graduat means a student with bachelor's degree, somebody who has graduated from a university or college with a bachelor's degree, especially one who is studying for a higher degree

Is bachelor's degree in mass comm eligible for MBA?

Yes will be eligible for the MBA degree. There are few Universities which might not allow double Master degree. For best answer contact any university in this regard for policies.

Does pebble hills university offers MBA after commerce?

Yes, the Pebble Hills University allso offers MBA for graduates who complete their Bachelor degree in Commerce. Unfortunate all of them are unaccredited.

Teach at a university?

You can be a student at a university. Complete your degree and then go back to the university to teach.

Can someone teach at the university level with a psychology bachelor's degree?

The minimum educational requirement to teach at the college or university level is a masters degree in the subject you are teaching, with a doctorate preferred.