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Q: Can you teach me how to dance like Ciara?
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Does the Michael Jackson game teach you how to dance?

Yes it can teach you how to dance like Michael Jackson

Songs like hoedown throwdown which you can dance to?

Ciara 1 2 step

In the song diva is Beyonce really ciara?

no beyonce and ciara do not look alike and ciara dance diffrent

What did ciara do for a living?

Sing Dance

What is Ciara known for?

for her looks and dance and her sing

What type of singer is Ciara?

Ciara is an R&B, pop, hip hop and dance singer.

Were did ciara learn to dance?

She learned to dance by Michael Jackson. She would watch him when she was little....

Did Michael Jackson teach usher to dance?

No he did not teach Usher how to dance.

How do you teach your dragon how to dance on pandanda?

You can't teach your dragon to dance.It will learn to dance on its own after a few weeks like it learns to breathe fire and fly

What is ciara best known for?

for her looks and dance and her sing

Do ciara like being a singer?

ciara does not like to sing

What are the easiest types of dance to teach?

there's no easy type of dance to teach

Who dances the best Ciara or Beyonce?

Well to me ciara dance the best beyonce i lke her in all but i dnt think she can dances

Does Rajon Rondo like Ciara?

No Rajon Rondo doesn't like Ciara . Ciara is just one of his favorite entertainers .

How do you dance like the girls on Dance Moms?

There are many ways to learn how to dance like other people.There are dance video's that will teach you step by step. Also the internet can provide some information on where to find these video's.

How do you dance properly?

If you can't dance properly just ask some-one to teach you at home like your mother or take dance lessons at school

Did Michael Jackson teach chris brown how to dance?

No, but he might have influence him to learn to dance like Michael.

What did Ciara's sister look like?

i donot know how ciara sis look like

What accomplishments does Ciara have?

She won best dance viedo at the MTV award

Why would a choreographer work with dancers?

A choreographer is a dance professional who creates dance routines. A choreographer would work with dancers to teach them a dance routine, but the choreographer doesn't have to be the one to teach the steps. A dance captain or dance instructor can teach the steps that a choreographer creates.

How was ciara child hood like?

ciara child hood was good

What is a dance convention?

its like a series of dance classes, sometimes audition style, but you take classes with our age group and other dancers and perform what you learn, and like pros teach. also all styles of dance

When was Like a Surgeon - Ciara song - created?

Like a Surgeon - Ciara song - was created in 2009-06.

How would I go about learning a dance from So you think you can dance?

I'm sure there's local dance studios that teach classes like that. My parents learned the tango that way.

What genre of music is the song Go Girl sung by Ciara?

The song "Go Girl" by Ciara is from the R&B, Dance and Hip Hop genre. You can get more information about this song and the artist Ciara online at the Wikipedia.