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You can only tell if your pregnant by doing a pregnancy test or by having a blood test. It is possible to find out if your pregnant 5 days after conception has taken place by having a Quantitative blood test.

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Q: Can you tell you are pregnant after only 5 days?
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Can you tell after 5 days that your pregnant?

No; you must wait at least fourteen days to determine if you are pregnant.

If your normal days of period is 5 days and it only come for 3 days are you pregnant?

No, this does not mean that you are pregnant at all. Pregnant women do not have normally there period when they are pregnant!

You are 5 weeks pregnant and have been spotting for 4 days only when you wipe yourself?

i am 5 weeks pregnant and i have been spotting for four days only when i wipe myself tho

How early can you predict that you are pregnant?

Some tests can tell you that you are or aren't pregnant up to 5 days before your missed period.

If your period is only 4 to 5 days long can you get pregnant 2 days after your period?

yes you can

I am 5 weeks and 5 days pregnant but the only symptom I have is very tender breasts Shouldn't I have more symptoms?

As your doctor will tell you, every woman reacts slightly differently to pregnancy.

Do koalas only stay pregnant for about 5 days each?

The Gestation period is approimately 35 days.

Can you know in 5 days if you are pregnant?

Yea you can. You could tell by:throwing up a lot, the pregnant teller thing and some other ways.

How do you know if your pregnant after only one week?

No pregnancy test will tell you that early. Some will tell you 5 days before you are supposed to get your period, but most won't tell you until the time when you are supposed to be getting your period. There are no "symptoms" this early.

How fast will you know you are pregnant?

Hi You can tell if you are pregnant by having a blood test performed by your Doctor at 5 days after conception and you can perform a pregnancy test 10-14 days after intercourse.

Can Someone tell if they are pregnant 5 days before there next period?

Yes -- with most pregnancy tests you can tell a pregnancy soon after conceiving

How does Bella tell edward she is pregnant?

Bella tells Edward her period is 5 days late and Edward discovers it by himself.

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