Can you trade Pokemon from one ds game to another ds game on the same Nintendo?


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No, you have to have 2 Nintendo DS's to be able to trade but you do get an a attachment for you're DS that allows you to plug it into the DS card slot and have two DS card slot's


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no you can only trade from game boy to game boy or nintendo ds to nintendo dsds

You will need: another GBA / Nintendo DS, another Emerald / Ruby / Sapphire and a connector (to connect the GBAs) Get the other GBA / Nintendo DS with another Pokemon Emerald game, then trade the starter Pokemon from there. P.S. You can trade another round because it will increase the experience.

get all the Pokemon on diamondcatch them or trade off another Pokemon game

yes. You can as long as there are 2 emerald game paks or if there are 2 Nintendo ds game cards in which you migrate to one dimond or pearl then trade to the other.

It's not in that game. You have to cheat or get it with the Nintendo Event (which is closed actually). You could trade a Pokemon for it, in another game, which is also possible.

no you can only trade using a game boy to a game boy with the link cable.

You have to trade a starter to another Pokemon white or black game then trade the Pokemon back.

Trade it from another pokemon white game

no. get it from a trade or another game then trade the pokemon from that game to pokemon black version2

You have to trade it from a 3rd gen game (which gets it from a Nintendo Event).

You can migrate GBA Pokemon to a DS Pokemon game but you can't trade using the GBA game trying to trade with another GBA game.

you can either have another ds with the same game or heartgold in it and trade over Nintendo wfc or you can have one ds and put the Pokemon up for trade on the trade center and put your other ds game in the slot(take out the soulsilvr) and go on to the trade center and trade one of your Pokemon on that game for the Pokemon on your soul silver game. you need 2 Pokemon games for this and you have to do it very quickly because some one else could trade you a Pokemon for the Pokemon you put on trade without knowing you just want to transfer. Answer By TWENIFWEE

Trade from another game.

Trade it from another game.

You trade from another game.

migrate pokemon or trade with another consel with your gamein it

no you must use another ds with another Pokemon game.

Trade from pokemon soul silver or another pokemon game

As of this time of writing, no. Black and White can only trade between themselves. Nintendo will probably make another Battle Revolution-type game, where you will undoubtedly be able to transfer Pokemon from B/W.

you can trade from gameboy to nintendo but not the other way around because the pokemon data for the nintendo game isnt in the gameboy and it might corrupt the game trying to process foriegn data. however, plug the gameboy bame into the bottom of your nintendo (not compatible with a dsi or 3ds i think) and then go to your title screen for the ds game and select "transfer pokemon". in some games, they make a game out of it. (ex. pokemon black and white.) hope this helps.

Sometime in the future, there will be a Nintendo Event that will give away a Celebi. Other than that, you must trade a Celebi from another game to get one.

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