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Check with your local shops and see if they know of anyone in your area that could help you.

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Who is the most famous freestyle motocross rider?

Right now it would have to be Travis Pastrana. Maybe not the best but he has promoted and done more for the advancement of freestyle than any other rider at this time.

Who is the best freestyle motocross rider ever?

90 percent of all riders would say ricky carmichael

How did Freestyle Motocross evolve from Motocross?

Jeremy mcgrath he helped ALLOT!!! His signature jump the "knack-knack" started the whole craze. He would straighten one leg and move it to the opposite side of the bike while pivoting at the waist.

What sport are people most likely to die in?

The most death sports would be. Pro American football. Motocross freestyle. Rugby. Bmx freestyle. Definately running or triathlon. People die of heart attacks while running.

What is more energetic motocross or rugby?

i would think motocross

How do you train for the swim in a triathlon?

Most triathletes train the same way as you would usually train for a swimming competition, with a majority belonging to a swimming club

Should motocross be in the Olympics?

yes! i love racing motocross and i think it would be very fun to see.. it would be just like the motocross de nations!

How do you make a freestyle ramp about 6feet tall and 10feet or so long out of metal?

Freestyle Motocross ramp plans can be purchased at the link below. A ramp is not something I would skimp or take a chance on, stick to a proven set of plans even if it does cost more money. Safety is the main concern in designing a ramp.

What is the average time for a 11 year old to do100 meter freestyle?

It is dependent on how hard they train and how long but about a 1:30 seconds would be the slowest.

What is the most common stunt used in motocross?

The most common "stunt" seen in actual motocross racing would be the whip at the finish.

Famous Motocross rider?

#1 would be Ricky Carmichael

Where is it possible to buy motocross helmets?

Motocross helmets are available at many sporting stores. Some of the stores would include Dick's Sporting Goods, Sport Authority, and Bass Pro Shop. Specialty stores which deal mainly with racing and motocross would also carry them.

How much does it cost to repair brakes on a Ford Freestyle?

How much would brake repairs cost for a 2005 Freestyle?

How much would it cost to build a motocross track?

if you build a midd sized motocross track, the labour is about $4,000, then you have tractors, water, and anything else

Flying disc freestyle?

Flying Disc (Frisbee) FreestylePlayers that shaped the beginning of flying disc (Frisbee) freestyle. Jim Kenner, Ken Westerfield, Kerry Kollmar, Dan Roddick, John Z Weyand and Victor Malafronte. Long before Frisbee was ever considered a sport these individuals were the first to achieve the equivalent of what would be considered a professional freestyle Frisbee athlete. Many of the present freestyle techniques as well as competitive formats came from these pioneers.Freestyle CompetitionDisc freestyle is an event where teams of two or three players perform a routine which consists of a series of creative throwing and catching techniques set to music. The routine is judged on the basis of difficulty, execution and presentation. The team with the best total score is declared the winner.In 1974 Ken Westerfield and Jim Kenner teamed up with Jeff Otis, event coordinator for the Canadian National Exhibition, to produce the Canadian Open Frisbee Championships. It was at this tournament that Ken and Jim introduced an event called Frisbee Freestyle and won it.This was the first Frisbee Freestyle Competition ever. A year later the AFDO (American Flying Disc Open) Rochester, New York, and the 1975 World Frisbee Championships, held at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, adopted Ken and Jims Freestyle competition format as one of their events. Today this same Freestyle event is now accepted as one of the premier events in flying disc tournaments worldwide.

How do you turn on flash on your HTC Freestyle?

you would turn it on

How many Motocross Races are there in a year?

In the US at the AMA national level there are 18 supercross events and 12 outdoor motocross events plus 7 womens pro motocross events. On the amateur level it would run in the thousands, no way of knowing.

Is the crf 150r a trailbike?

No a crf 150r is not a trailbike it's a race bike for motocross but it can still be used on the trails but yet it will not handle as good as it would on a motocross track

How much would you earn in a competition?

it depends what competition?

Are there any Deaths in Motocross?

Any would be too many. Proper precautions and schooling cut down on the risk involved. yes there are many deaths in motocross. There are at least 10 times more deaths in car accidents than there are in motocross related accidents.

What is a motocross bike?

a racing dirtbike. there are 3 main kinds of dirt bikes: trail bikes, pit bikes, and competition bikes. there is factors and differences between each other. a motocross bike would have an adjustable suspension, no electric or key start, usually all kick, they are more powerful and are built to race, faster, has a harder stiffer taller seat. disk brakes always.

Do you need to be certified to personal train in the state of KY?

Certification is not required to personal train in KY. However I would highly recomend getting certified to keep up with competition. You can become certified usaully for between 40 and 80 dollars.

What is the competition of a zebra mussel?

Its competition would be a blue catfish.

What is a 2 x 100yd Freestyle Swim?

There is no such swimming event. Theoretically, if there was, it would be a relay of 2 people, each swimming 100 yards freestyle.

Would the father of someone in a skating competition be a dispassionate judge of the performances?

No, he would not! Which is why he would not be allowed to be an official judge on the competition.