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No, the terms and regulations of the playstation network that you agree to, clearly states that you are not allowed to refund or transfer any funds from your account to any other.

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Q: Can you transfer money from one PSN account to another?
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Can you transfer your trophies from one PSN account to another?


How do you transfer your online account gaming history on ps3?

The history is not yours to transfer and belongs to PSN. The history remains under the PSN account and can not be moved to a new account

Can you put money on a PS3 from a different PS3?

No Money is never put on a PS3. It is put into your master account for the Playstation Network. You can do this from any PS3 after you have signed into your Playstation Network account. Yes you can as long as your signed into your psn account on the other ps3. The money is saved under your psn profile not the ps3. You never put money on a PS3 and you put the money into your PSN or Playstation Network Account. You can do this from any PS3 that you have logged into your Playstation Network Master Account. You can not move the money from one PSN account to a different PSN account if that is what you are trying to ask. Anyone can input the redemption codes from a Playstation Network Card into there account after signing into the account

Could you use a debit card in the psn get money in my psn account?

Yes, it's possible.

How do you make a second psn account?

You can't on the same user. go all the way to the left and make another userJust make another user. then go to PSN and you can create a new account.

Can you disconnect your PSN account from other PS3 that are not mine?

If you change your password to your PSN account no one else should be able to log into your account on any PS3. You can not remove data from another Playstation 3

Does playstation network money transfer to all profiles on the system?

The money is tied to your PSN account, and not the system itself. If you logged into a different device, then the funds would be available. If you logged into a different account on the same device, that would have its own seperate funds, 0 unless you've added anything specifically.

Do you have to pay money if you have a PlayStation Network account?

If you want to buy games or movies, you will need to add credit to your account. However there are many other reasons to have a PSN account and none of them require money, those reasons include online play, downloading demos and the occasional free game from the PSN, etc.

Does a American psn card work on a psn Japanese account?

No, a Japanese PSN account can only be funded with a Japanese PSN card, one with a yen amount on it.

What does it say when you reply with no when the PS Vita asks you if you have a PSN Account?

It will advise you that certain functions of the PSVita require a PSN account, and will say you can set one up another time and link it in the Settings menu.

Can a PSP game purchased on psn work on another PSP?

Yes, but there are a few stipulations. PSN games only work on devices activated on that particular PSN account. So one could not just log into a friend's PSP and download a game on it. You would first need to go into the PSN account and register the new device. If you were upgrading from one model to another, you'd do that, and remove the old one.

Can you redeem your UK PSN account with German network cards?

No you can't, PSN cards are country and currency locked. You cannot redeem German PSN topup cards on a UK PSN account.

Is playstation network free for PS vita if you have your own games?

Owning a PSN account doesn't cost any money, and there are many free things on the PSN that you can take advantage of.

How can you download Japanese games to psp?

To access the Japanese PSN, you need to register an account on PC, on the Japanese PSN site, and connect to the PSN on the PSP with that account.

Does a psn account on ps4 work for all user profiles?

Your PSN account profile should work across any Sony device that uses PSN.

How do you play others on psp?

by PSN you need a account to PSN

What is system activation on your psn?

System activation is where you log onto your PSN account on a PC, and register your devices (PS3, PSP, PSVita). Only systems you have activated in this way can log into your PSN account and use your PSN data.

Do you need to set up a new PSN account on your PlayStation Vita or can you use your PS3 account?

You only need a PSN account not a new one

Do you have to sign up for the playstation store on the psp go?

Yes, all games for the PSP Go have to be obtained from the PSN one way or another, so yes, you need a PSN account.

What is the password for psn?

The password is whatever you set it as when you registered your PSN account.

How can you log out of someone psn account on ps3?

The password is only needed to sign in anyone can log off a account for PSN

How do you remove psn account from vita without deleting games or formatting?

Games are linked to the PSN account so that's not possible.

What is a psn account?

play station network account.

If you put a psn network card on a ps3 will the money appear on a psp?

You put you money on your Playstation Network account and it goes into the wallet for that account. If you log into the account you are able to spend the money download previous purchases made at the Playstation Store and even change account information. That is why you are supposed to be careful who see your password. The money will not appear on the PSP unless you log that account into the PSP

How do you re-assign a Steam account to a different PS3 account?

I purchased Portal 2 but accidently assigned the steam account to my sister's PSN account rather then mine. How, if possible, could I re-assign my steam account to my PSN account?