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Horseradish grows best from transplants, I have never known one to germinate from seed...

What you need to know about horseradish is that once you have it, it pretty much has you. Getting rid of it, is in my experience, impossible. The plants grown fron any of the roots or rootlets left behind when you harvest or move the original plant, and as the horseradish root can grow to 12 feet it is very difficult to get them all.

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Do apples have horseradish in them?

No, apples do not have horseradish in them. Apples are apples and horseradish is horseradish. They can be combined, but are obtained separately.

How do you spell horseradish?

Horseradish is the correct spelling

What is horseradish in Portuguese?

Horseradish = raiz forte

What is 'horseradish' in Portuguese?

Raiz forte is a Portuguese equivalent of 'horseradish' [Armoracia rustica].

What are the main ingredients of horseradish spread?

You may find recipes for home made horseradish spread at the following or

Is horseradish a vegetable?

Yes, horseradish is a root vegetable.

What animals eat horseradish?

People eat horseradish.

What is horseradish meaning in Telugu?

telugulo horseradish meaning

What is the english name for malunggay?

It's not horseradish! It can be called horseradish tree or drumstick tree, but not horseradish- that is a different plant.

Is there a substitute for horseradish?

Mustard is usually a reasonable substitute for horseradish.

'What are some vegetables that begin with the letter H?

· horseradishHaricot bean.Horseradish.Horseradish.honey dewHamburg parsley.

What are the items needed to prepare horseradish?

Horseradish is healthy and delicious and it is quite easy to make. Lemon juice, vinegar, and horseradish are included. can help you prepare a great dish with horseradish!

How many calories are in horseradish?

There are about 7 calories in one tbsp of horseradish.

Can you eat the horseradish stems?

Yes you could eat horseradish stems.

What is the Tamil name of horseradish?

Mullangi correction........... horseradish is not mullangi> - mullangi is radish horseradish - Moringa oleifera - drumstick in Hindi murunga and in tamil murungai

What does horseradish represent in the Pesach meal?

In the Pesach meal, horseradish represents the bitter taste of slavery.

How do you say horseradish in spanish?

A horseradish is spain is called a rábano picante, literally a spicy radish.

How do you make horseradish?

You can buy horseradish as a root which you can peel and grate into a bowl. Beware it is very pungent and will have your eyes and nose streaming in no time. Place the grated horseradish into jars and simply cover with white pickling vineger. The horseradish will keep for several months like this but if you prefer creamed horseradish just mix with a little cream prior serving.

How much does 1 tablespoon horseradish weigh?

Horseradish is dense. I would say about 15 gm in a tablespoon.

What does the horseradish symbolize in Christianity?

As far as I know horseradish is not mentioned in the Bible and so has no special meaning in Christianity

Does horseradish bloom in spring?

Horseradish blooms in mid-summer, if it blooms at all. Most horseradish sold in the United States is sterile and is propagated through the tubers/roots instead of seeds from flowers.

What is an allogenic transplant?

An "allogenic" transplant is a human-to-human transplant. (A "xenogenic" transplant would be animal-to-human).

Is horseradish an instrument?

no Patrick

Is horseradish a root?


What is a sentence with the word transplant?

The heart transplant was a success.He was looking forward to the transplant.

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