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You get the instruments of an average band, which would be guitar, bass, drums, and vocals, so the answer is no.

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Q: Can you use 3 guitars on guitar hero world tour or do you have to use just the band eg microphone guitar bass and drums?
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Can you use 3 guitars on guitar hero world tour or do you have to use just the band e.g microphone guitar bass and drums...?

it is possible, look on GOOGLE.

Do they sell just the drums for playstation 2 for guitar hero my son already has the guitars for guitar hero world tour but now wants the drums?

I don't know about the drums, but if you want To buy the microphone, Game stop has it for 25.99

Can you play guitar hero world tour with rock band drums and guitar and microphone?

you can with mic and guitar, but not drums

Where can i get the guitar hero world tour drums and microphone?

if you are american, there is drums and microphone for $90 for Xbox 360 on amazon

Can i just get the drums and not the guitar and microphone with guitar hero world tour?

No. But you can get just the guitar.

What instruments do you use in Guitar Hero world tour?

guitar, drums, bass and microphone

Can you use the drums the guitar and microphone all at the same time with guitar hero?

With Guitar Hero World Tour, if you have four players, you can play together as a band. You can have one drummer, one vocal, and up to two guitars playing together at one time.

Can you use the Rock Band drums guitar and microphone on Guitar Hero world tour for Wii?

you can not use the drums because there are more pads in guitar hero and you can not use your guitar because one is wireless and the other isn't i don't now about the micerphone Actually, you can. The Rock Band drums will make it so a pad is taken off when you play. The Guitar will not do anything extra with the solo buttons. The microphone shouldn't change at all.

How many instruments can you use in guitar hero world tour max?

4, the drums, the microphone, the bass guitar, and lead guitar.

Can you buy just guitar hero world tour and drums without the guitar and mic?

No. You have to have either the microphone, guitar, or drum to play the game.

Is there going to be a Guitar Hero 4?

Mate its out its called world tour and it comes with fule band (guitar bass drums and microphone

Can the band items in Rock Band 2 be used in Guitar Hero World Tour?

Yes Rock Band drums, microphone, and guitar work on Guitar Hero World Tour.