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Can you use Pokemon Sapphire GameShark codes on Emerald Gameshark?"

AnswerThe answer is- No. It wouldn't work. Answerit work with me AnswerI think this web site rules


yes you can!!!

there is a code!! I have it

whats the code to do that and is possible to do on emerald to sapphire and can i use the emerald gameshark codes on sapphire?

No each game has its own master code so you cant use codes from one game on another, hope this helps

Answer by WyraNo. The games are coded differently -- not even codes that would ordinarily work on Ruby would work on Sapphire, so the same can be assumed for Ruby/Sapphire congruent codes on Emerald.
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Q: Can you use Pokemon Sapphire Gameshark codes on Emerald Gameshark?
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Gameshark codes for Pokemon Emerald?

go 2 and search 4 gameshark codes 4 emerald

Do gameshark code work on Pokemon Emerald on PC?

Yes, GameShark codes work in Pokemon Emerald for the PC. My codes work when I try them.

How do you get tropius in Pokemon FireRed?

You can't it is a hoenn Pokemon you have to trade with somebody who has a Pokemon emerald, Sapphire or ruby game card or you can get it by using gameshark codes...

What is the warp codes for Pokemon emerald?

get a gameshark

What is the master and gameshark codes for Pokemon emerald?


Are there shiny codes for legendary Pokemon on gameshark for Pokemon emerald?


How do you put in cheat codes Pokemon sapphire?

Buy a Gameshark.

What can be done with GameShark codes to the video game 'Pokemon Emerald'?

The video game 'Pokemon Emerald' can be affected with codes from the GameShark in that you can do things such as climb walls, as well as catch the legendary Pokemon Mew.

How do you enter codes on Pokemon emerald?

with an action replay or gameshark

What is the gameshark codes to catch oponet Pokemon in Pokemon emerald?

28815332150 288156641325

How can you get Pokemon Sapphire for vba?

By Useing Gameshark or other cheat codes.

Does the GameShark have emerald cheats?

Yes, there are plenty of them, just google: Pokemon emerald gameshark codes, note that they only can be used on an emulator.

Where do you type codes for Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire?

To use codes or cheats, you need a GameShark or ActionReplay.

Gameshark codes for Pokemon sapphire?

i know 1 its 92BB8BD9629E2D58use it an get ho-oh

How do you use gameshark cheats in Pokemon emerald?

You need a Gameshark device (sold at Walmart, rarely) to use any Gameshark codes.

Where do you get working Pokemon modifier gameshark codes for Pokemon emerald and ruby? Or Google it. O.o;

How do you go to birth island in Pokemon emerald by codes?

Gameshark code 153SUckAdick

What are the gameshark codes for Pokemon emerald?

I'm tired. Try these;

What is the gameshark code to catch other trainers Pokemon in emerald version?

you cant new codes on a gameshark you can on an actionreplay.

How do you copy gameshark codes for Pokemon Sapphire from the Internet to your Game Boy?

cant cant

You want GameShark codes for sapphire vba?

Yes, I do want gameshark codes for SAPPHIRE vba! Will you please give me some.D<

How do you complete the pokedex in emerald without trading?

U Will Need Gameshark Codes To Complete The Pokedex In Pokemon Emerald.

What are the gameshark codes for Darkrai in Pokemon Emerald?

Darkrai doesn't exist in Emerald. Emerald is a generation 3 game while Darkrai was introduced in generation 4. Therefore, there is no Gameshark code for Pokemon Emerald version that will cause a Darkrai to appear.

Pokemon emerald sprite codes for GameShark?

sorry only action replay can have that code

What are some GameShark codes for Pokemon Emerald on vba?