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First, airsoft guns over 500 fps are illegal to own unless you have a firearms license for it. Second, using one in a war would be dangerous to the people you are shooting at considering it would hurt like hell AND most forms of face protection that people wear in wars are not made to repel that kind of power.

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Q: Can you use a 550 fps airsoft un in a war?
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When your in a airsoft war does it hurt?

In my opinion airsoft wars do not hurt but yet I play paintball. But it really matter what fps the airsoft gun is and how close they are to you and if they are shooting you once. But really airsoft does't pack a punch in the hit it just stings a little bit.

Can the dan Wesson 8 co2 airsoft gun be used in an airsoft war?

Most likely not, but in many situations you might actually be able to use it. Being that the gas consumption is co2, the fps is most likely higher than 400, which is omitted of use in most outdoor fields and most definitely indoor fields (being that the max fps is usually 350). However, if there is any private property that is appropriate for airsoft, you can use your gun on that specific area with the consent of the owner.

What is a good fps for a p90 airsoft gun?

Depends on what you will use it for. If you're using it for CQB skirmishes, 300-350 fps is good enough (of course with appropriate weapon i.e P90, MP5, MP7). If you're using it for middle range urban/woodland skirmishes (i.e. with M4/M16 family, G36, SCAR, HK416), you can go for 400-450 fps. If you're using it for sniping (Bar-10, M40), you can go up to 600 fps.

Can you shoot a persen with a airsoft gun?

Yes you can shoot someone with an airsoft gun. Airsoft is a sport just like paintball where there is a lot of running, ducking, and shooting at other opponents. Like paintball, you HAVE to wear the proper protective gear like goggles, facemask, gloves, etc.. Keep in mind velocity as well. most AEGs shoot 350 fps out of the box, anything above 450 fps, can break skin. So 400 hundred and under would be airsoft war approved.

What is a good fps for a airsoft gun?

To be blunt, Horrible. A good aeg is around 300 while a good gas gun can reach 600 if it's amazing. But if you are looking for a good electric submachine gun for like 20,30,40 dollars than you are going to have to settle for about 200-230 fps. but there is several ways to upgrade your gun. EX: bigger battery. EX 2: upgrade gear box (30,40,50 some $s)

What can you do with an air soft gun?

You can do target practice, or you can have an airsoft war with your friends! I have been in an airsoft war and it is very fun!

What is the speed of a bullet during World War 1?

The 3 most common RIFLE cartridges in use in WW I were probably the 30-06 (2800 fps), the 8mm Mauser (2700 fps), and the .303 Enfield (2500 fps).

How long do airsoft batteries last?

4 to 6 hours in a airsoft war

What is better for an airsoft war a 500 fps ak47 or a 530 fps sniper?

Why the hell would you buy a 500fps ak47? The internals will be torn to bits unless they are like top of the line internals. But if you are going for the sniper position, I would go with the sniper. If you are caught mid-way and cant decide, A&K makes a 500fps Dragunov.

Are airsoft guns made for war?


Where can you have a airsoft bebe gun war?

in your own back yard, airsoft guns are legal on your own property to shoot, as long as your not shooting someone else who doesnt want to. its perfectly legal to shoot and use any airsoft gun no your own property.

The best SAW airsoft gun to use in a war?

if you are tight in budget i suggest you buy the A&K M249 Para