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Any heat source can melt cheese.

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Q: Can you use a hand torch to melt cheese?
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How do you take off a LEGO hand?

Use a chainsaw or welding torch.

Can you use feta cheese in lasagna?

I suppose you could, but it doesn't melt well.

What can melt water?

You can't melt water, as it is already melted. But if you mean ice, then take your pick. You can use fire, warm hands, your breath, sunlight, a hot lamp, an oxyacetylene torch, acetylene torch, propane torch, red hot metal, etc. Essentially anything warmer than 32 F (0 C) can melt water.

What is the past participle of melt?

The verb "to melt" has regular forms. The past tense is "melted." To use this verb: I melted some cheese for sandwiches. Other past tenses: We have melted some cheese. They had melted some cheese.

Can you use Haloumi cheese for a Fetta cheese substitute?

Not really. Halloumi is denser and saltier, and does not melt when heated like feta will.

How do you melt fresh mozzarella cheese on the stove?

If i want it melted, I use the microwave on low.

What chemical can you use to melt lead?

Lead (or anything else) is melted by heat. There are various chemicals that can be used to produce heat. For example, a propane torch can melt lead.

What is pitchers and torches?

pitchers are jars that people use to use to hold their what a torch is a light carried by hand.

What does a woman take out of her hand bag to use as a weapon?

a cheese sandwich

How do you wash the dishes with cheese on it and I found that the cheese stick to my Scott brite or the cloth that I use to wash the dirty bowl with cheese in it?

use very hot water-not hot enough to scold your self, but hot enough to melt the cheese and then it will be easeier to scrub off

Should i use Cream cheese in soups?

no, cream cheese will not fully melt, it will only soften, making ur soup more of an icecream, and i dont really use creamcheese in iceceram a lot either

How can you use the word torch in a sentence?

When it is dark, i have to use a torch. Is that ok. O.M.G i keep loosing my torch. argh.

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