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Can you use alcohol swabs to clean a LCD laptop screen?

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Yes. ;) Yes. ;)

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What do you use to clean the site for an IV?

Alcohol swabs and/or providone-iodine swabs.

Can you use alcohol swabs to clean a alto saxophone?


Can you clean a ball python's wounds with alcohol swabs?

this morning he escaped from his cage and the weight on the cover fell with him and cut him. i cleaned the wound with alcohol swabs. it seemed to sting at first but now he's fine.

Do unopened alcohol swabs expire?


Should alcohol swabs be used to clean wounds ie dog bite?

Yes. But I would also use an antiseptic. then go see a doctor.

Is using alcohol swabs to sanitize a food contact surface as effective as washing and sanitizing?

Yes, alcohol swabs sanitizes food just as effectively as washing. Alcohol kills all bacteria and germs that are on surfaces.

What are alcohol swabs what do they look like?

Alcohol swabs are small cloth or hypoallergenic synthetic pads soaked in isopropyl alcohol, usually at 90% strength. They're sealed in small single-use waterproof packets.

How do you clean a disk?

try some alchahal swabs

What tools use to clean keyboard?

cotton swabs

What do egyptians used to stuff a mummys nose?

The use cotton swabs, it may sound weird but coming from a daddy of a historian, they use cotton swabs. In case the mummies ever came back to life. They could use the cotton swabs to clean there mouths out. The use cotton swabs, it may sound weird but coming from a daddy of a historian, they use cotton swabs. In case the mummies ever came back to life. They could use the cotton swabs to clean there mouths out. idk but i got the answer beeswax alot

Can disinfectant can give an Android phone virus?

If you mean a disinfectant like, say, a Lysol spray or Clorox disinfecting wipes, no, it will not give an Android phone a virus. However, I wouldn't recommending using either to clean it...they are too harsh to be used. Use a microfiber cloth, cotton swabs, screen cleaner wipes, conservative amount of rubbing alcohol to clean your phone properly.

How do you get permanent marker off of lcd screens?

Try alcohol swabs. You may have to go over it a few times though. Hold the swab on the spot for a second before you wipe the spot clean.

How do you remove bathing suit crotch area adhesive?

Alcohol swabs, the adhesive sticks to them as the alcohol removes it from the fabric. quick and easy to do!

How do you clean wounds?

Clean it with soap and water then apply rubbing alcohol with cotton swabs or paper towel. In reference to the above suggestion, applying rubbing alcohol may cause the wound to burn or for the regenerated tissue and the healing process to slow. Sterile water, sterile gauze. - A special dressing may be required depending on the type of wound.

Does wine in food show up on urine drug screen?

Not in a worrisome amount that would change the outcome of the test. Wine in food would NOT show up in a urine screen. Most urine screens are 5 or 7 drug panel tests and do NOT check for alcohol. The urine test for alcohol is way more expensive the the alcohol swabs or breath tests which are the norm for checking alcohol limits. Chances are pretty slim that anywhere would check alcohol in Urine. I have never heard of it in a common drug screen. Even if they did, the amount of alcohol that would be in your urine from wine in food would be about as much as if you were to use mouthwash.

How do you clean AAA battery ports?

Use baking soda and cotton swabs. If really bad you may use sand paper to clean connections.

What is the recommended way to clean an optical drive?

Use compressed air and lint-free cotton swabs.

What is the best way to clean an Atlas pasta machine?

Cleaning an Atlas pasta machine is not an easy task. One needs a screwdriver, an adjustable wrench, a wooden skewer, mud clay, rubbing alcohol, wax paper and cotton swabs to clean the pasta machine. There is a YouTube online video which could help with this process.

How do you clean a gun magazine?

Rags, compressed air, toothbrush, cotton swabs, tooth picks, dental picks, etc..

Handling of swabs after an operation?

Used swabs are usually thrown into the bin

What is the best way to clean antique mirrors?

Making a homemade mirror cleaner is perfect for antique and modern mirrors. An inexpensive yet safe solution is a 2:1 ratio of water and alcohol. First spray the solution onto the mirror and then clean the mirror with a soft rag. To get the sides of the mirror, use cotton swabs dipped in the solution.

Duration of swelling after yellowjacket sting?

As much as a week, depending on your body's reaction to it. Cold compresses, alcohol swabs, may help as well.

Do DNA mouth swabs show alcohol use?

It's not that kind of test. So, no - it is only collecting tissue samples and the inside of the cheek is the easiest access.

How do you administer Dexedrine intravenously?

Water fridge coffee filter cue tip spoon sterile rig alcohol swabs wait 3 sterile rigs

How do you clean your mac laptop?

There are several parts that nee different kinds of cleaning.Stuff under the keys should be vauumed out first.Ports need special care such as cotton swabs.The screen needs a gentle glass cleaner that won't streak.The keys need a mild cleaner.Spray the cleaners onto a soft cotton rag like an old torn up T-shirt.Never spray at the computer. Always spray at the soft cloth.Be careful.