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Generally yes, as long as the solar blanket does not interfere with the hose to the automatic cleaner. This will depend upon the exact type of cleaner you might have.

In most cases, the hose will simply move smoothly along the underside of the solar blanket. I would suggest that you try it but keep a close eye on things until you are sure the blanket is not obstructing the movement of the cleaner.


I use my barracuda under the solar cover all the time. The steps in the pool usually cause more of a problem than the cover. However, once the pool is clean, the solar cover usually helps to keep it clean.

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Q: Can you use an automatic pool cleaner when the solar blanket is on?
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Can polaris pool cleaner run with solar blanket on pool?

It should work alright however the blanket may interfere a litle with the movement of the hose at the surface.

How do you heat a outdoor pool?

With a gas heater or solar or both and/or a solar cover or blanket. But I am assuming that you mean an above ground pool ~ then use the latter (solar blanket) .

Can you use a solar pool blanket instead of a pool cover?

Yes, you can.

Rent automatic pool cleaner in Houston?

you cant

Why does the solar blanket turns the bottom of the pool green?


Can you leave a solar blanket on the pool over winter?


How do you use solar blanket?

You lay it across the surface of the pool.

Can you shock your pool while using a solar blanket?

You shouldn't. The solar cover will keep the chlorine from disolving in the sun. Take the cover off and shock the pool. When the chlorine drops to a normal level cover the pool again if you use a blanket.

How do you heat a cheap intex pool?

With a solar blanket . They also have solar heaters you can hook up to them.

Does liquid solar pool blanket work?

Yes, they work well.

Can you leave a solar blanket on the pool for two day straight?


How long does a solar blanket take to heat a pool?

2 months

How increase pool temperature?

Pool temperatures can be increased by installing a pool heater. They can also be raised by using a solar blanket.

Do you turn off pool filter when you use a solar blanket?

no you don't need to although the surface of the pool wont get clean as the blanket stops the skimming effect.

What glue will work on pool solar blanket?

If this blanket is vinyl as many are then use Aqua Seal or Seal All.

Should you leave the vinyl pool cover on when using a solar blanket or does the pool cover above the solar blanket hinder the solar blanket's performance?

Remove the vinyl cover when using a solar blanket to warm the water. If the vinyl cover is used at the same time as the solar blanket, the vinyl cover absorbs most of the heat and then transfers the heat into the air or water between the vinyl cover and the solar blanket. Then the heat transfers to the solar blanket and then, finally, into the water. When this happens, a lot of heat remains in the vinyl cover and air/water between the two covers instead of getting into the water. It is preferable to have the heat absorbed by the solar cover and then transfer directly into the water. Hope this helps... Too much redundancy in pool covers.

What is best automatic robot pool cleaner?

Dolphin Brand dx4

Where can you rent an automatic pool cleaner?

you can buy 1 where ever you look

What would a Polaris 280 be used for?

A Polaris 280 is a pool cleaner. It is an automatic in ground pool cleaner that you plug in and hook up to a dedicated pressure line for easy pool maintenance.

Find a company that has parts for the polaris pool cleaner?

Can you use Clorox Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner in a swimming pool?

No, under no circumstances should one use bowl cleaner in a pool. Why, did someone take a dump in the pool?

Where can someone purchase the Aquabot Automatic Pool Cleaner online?

One can purchase Aquabot Automatic Pool Cleaner at an online store website as well as many other websites. If you search and browse the internet you will receive many results.

How does a solar blanket go on a pool?

It just simply floats on the water. You need to lay it in your pool and cut it so that it fits.

If a solar blanket is too large will it affect the way it heats a pool?

Just trim the blanket to fit the pool. Why have all that extra material hanging over the deck? Serves no purpose.

What is a solar blanket?

It's a polyvinyl cover that lays on top of a pool and keeps heat in.

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Can polaris pool cleaner run with solar blanket on pool?

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