Can you use any flash hider on an airsoft gun?

Updated: 12/9/2022
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Most guns with removable tips come with a standard reverse threading that accepts most muzzle accessories.

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Q: Can you use any flash hider on an airsoft gun?
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How much orange has to be visible on an airsoft gun?

1/4th of the flash hider

How can you fit a scilencer on the airsoft Dboyi BI-5381M?

If the flash hider is removable then you just screw it off and screw on a silencer. If the flash hider doesn't come off there is currently no good solution other than modifying both the flash hider and a silencer to attach and be secured on the gun.

Can you change the flash hider on a airsoft m99?

The flash hider on the Barrett M99 airsoft can be changed, but unless you are using the gun for display only or movie production you want to make sure that the new tip does have the blaze orange that will comply with federal law. When using or transporting the gun without the blaze orange tip, any law enforcement agencies will treat you as if you are using a real steel model because they have no other way of telling the difference between the actual or airsoft models.

Are the treads on the echo 1 vector arms mp5-a4 ris aeg airsoft gun cw or ccw?

Most likely ccw. The threads on my Echo 1 M4 are ccw. I assume you mean for the flash hider, right?

Do bio bbs work for any gun?

Any airsoft gun. Yes

Perfect Airsoft Gun for me.?

if you can afford it any of the Systema brand airsoft guns

Are there any airsoft stores in Manchester?

Addresses of airsoft gun shops in north wales

Are .25g airsoft bbs good for any airsoft gun?

yes they are very accurate

List of parts needed to build an airsoft gun?

To build a complete airsoft gun from spare parts, you will need a lower receiver, upper receiver, grip, stock, fire selector switch, trigger assembly, magazine, magazine release, charging handle with spring assembly, complete gear box, motor, hop up unit, inner barrel with bucking, D ring, RIS/hand guard, outer barrel, flash hider, iron sights/optics (optional). This is a list for an intermediate level airsoft gun. If you intend to build a lower or higher quality gun, you will need less or more parts accordingly.

What is a referbished airsoft gun?

A used or broken gun that the company or maker has replaced any of the worn or broken parts. It should be cheaper but just as good as a normal airsoft gun

Should you get bike parts or an airsoft gun?

An Airsoft gun

Are there any airsoft gun retail stores in Melbourne?

I'm sorry to say but airsoft is illegal in Australia.