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Q: Can you use bb's in a spring boy xm8 airsoft gun?
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Can you use metal BBs in an airsoft gun?


Can you use bb gun bbs in a airsoft gun?

No it's not designed to do it.

Can you use metal bbs in an electric airsoft gun?


Does the slide lock back on a tuarus pt 24 7 ultra grade airsoft pistol when the bbs run out?

No, it is a spring gun.

Is a airsoft gun more powerful then a spring airsoft gun?

No. Aspects which determine how powerful an airsoft gun is actually it's spring (stronger/harder the spring means bigger fps), compression (better compression = better fps), and weight of the BBs we use (heavier BBs in the same fps can deliver bigger energy).Edit: If a gun that is automatic in real life is spring and very inexpensive, it is probably cheaply made and therefore almost definitely weak. However, "manual" guns that are spring are usually at least fairly powerful, such as bolt action sniper rifles.

Are .25g airsoft bbs good for any airsoft gun?

yes they are very accurate

Do bio bbs work for any gun?

Any airsoft gun. Yes

Can cheap bbs be the reason why an airsoft gun jams?

Could be.

What kind of bbs does the Colt Double Eagle airsoft gun hold?

standard 6mm plastic bbs.

Does getting heavy bbs lower the velocity of an airsoft gun?


Can you shoot metal bbs from an L96 airsoft sniper?

No, if you are talking about bb's for a BB gun. The BB's for an air rifle or BB gun wont even stay in a Magazine for an airsoft gun. Airsoft BB's are 6mm, air rifle bb's are much smaller. You will ruin an airsoft gun with the smaller metal bbs. But you can get aluminum 6mm pellets for an airsoft gun.

If I used .12g BB's in an airsoft gun that said to use .2g would that be bad for the gun Or would you recommend using .2g for all guns specifically the Electric Tactical M4 Assault Rifle FPS-315?

Most guns are built for .20 gram bbs, as .12 will be too light and inaccurate Some store brand airsoft guns are measured using .12g BBs because it increases the muzzle velocity due to the light weight. This is done to inflate the real performance of the airsoft gun. .12g BBs are to be used in the following kinds of guns: - Plastic Spring powered pistols - Plastic single barrel spring powered shotguns - Airsoft Grenades - Airsoft "flame throwers" Most airsoft guns use .20g BBs or heavier, not to exceed .25g for most airsoft guns (Many airsoft fields limit you to .20g BBs anyway). The heavier the BB, the more accurate it will be, but the more energy it will take to propel it. In short, use .2g BBs as a starter minimum.