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Can you use contact solution to clean nipple piercings?


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Fair enough question, but I need to ask why would you use a product that is meant only for contact lens on your nipple piercings? See there are ingredients in the contact lens solution that are intended to keep the lenses moist and to extend the life of the solution. These should not be used on piercings, there is no need to use it on any piercing.

Nipple piercing aftercare, like any other piercing is very simple, unscented anti bacterial liquid soap diluted with water and lathered up and lots of warm running water as a rinse, that's it. Nothing more, nothing less. Sure you got the saline solution story from your piercer but he/she didn't fully explain why.

Sea Salt is naturally derived by the evaporation of sea water leaving mineral rich salt. Once refined to remove unwanted ingredients it is available in many health food stores and domestic grocery stores. Iodized table salt is mined from the earth refined and usually has iodine added to the mix, available at most grocery stores.

In body piercing the salt is not used to clean the piercing, it has no antibacterial qualities other than it's high caustic value when improperly used on piercings. This whole salt water and piercings thing got carried away years ago and is just a run away train. Saline solution is what they really meant to say.

Saline solution is a water and salt solution of distilled water and 3% sodium (salt), used in hospitals as an I.V. to carry medications and rehydrate the body. Sterilized and in great quantities in the hospital, it is used to irrigate wounds and as an I.V. carrier. 3% Saline solution has been used to wash wounds because it is sterilized where domestic tap water may carry unwanted minerals and toxins into open wounds.

Ultimately both forms of salt should not be used on any piercing because the concentrations of actual salt is too high and is actually caustic to the new forming tissue, most folks don't want to purchase pre made saline solution and end up using contact lens solution which is another bad move.

Treat your nipple piercings like cuts (that after all is what they are, but we call them puncture wounds) clean them with anti bacterial soap and lots of running water while moving the jewellery and low an behold they will heal.

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NO!!!! you should use salt sea spray from a local piercing shop and drench the hole with it

When it's not healed, clean it with antibacterial soap of a liquid specifically for cleaning piercings.

If you clean them regularly, like your piercer should have instructed you, then there shouldn't be too many problems. Try not to clean them excessively though, since it's bad for the surrounding skin.

Clean your lens with contact solution

you may clean your piercing with an uniodized salt and water mixture you make yourself, but as salty as a tear. or you cab buy it made at any store and this is called a "saline solution". H2ocean is also recommended to clean piercings usualy in stock at tattoo parlours or hottopic, not likely found in stores.

They will have to take care of the piercings as they will have to keep the piercings clean and free of infection.

Essentially you'll clean the lens by rinsing it thoroughly with the appropriate contact lens solution. Check the related links area for a guide to cleaning your contact lenses which includes steps on how to clean the lenses, what solutions to use, and more.

You must wash your contact lenses in approved cleaning solution. If you want to lose your contact lenses forever, you can put them in the dishwasher and try it out.

Probably because you aren't keeping the wounds clean. Wash all piercings with soap and water.

Nope. Water is filled with bacteria so it increases the risk of infection. Wait at least 2-3 months. Even then, make sure you clean your piercings really well afterwards.

Put them in clean water, but be sure to soak them in solution before putting them in your eyes again. This is important because the solution kills germs but water does not. It is very important to have contact solution always. If you run out and too broke to buy another bottle, then go to your optometrist. He/she will be glad to give you a trial bottle.

Yeah I just did it and it worked fine. Make sure you rinse your contact off with cold water after using the hard contact solution, because it is thick almost like a gel and I don't know that it would feel great in your eye.

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Use saline solution like what you'd use to clean contact lenses. The dog will blink out the grass.

Clean it according to the guidelines on

At a clean and reputable tattoo and piercing studio.

DON'T DO IT!! Do not pass "go", do not collect $200. Go directly to the drug store and get yourself some contact lens solution.

OK first relax, this isn't anything to worry about. Lymphatic discharge (the whitish shumutz that comes out of the piercing) is common and that is why rinsing the piercings while moving the jewellery daily during showers and bathing is important. This matter is normal and rinsing just helps move it along, as for the sudden appearance this is matter that was collecting deep in the nipple an finally discharged through a milk duct. No worries just make sure when you clean your piercings, you rinse and move the jewellery under running water daily. As for the hole in the nipple it will close and shrink back to normal over time.

The solution for an unhealthy and unsanitary workplace is to clean up and clean out the workplace.

Don't use contact solution. Use natural sea salt and warm water. Put 1/4 of a teaspoon of the salt into a cup of warm water. Then you can pour it into the shotglass and use that to soak the area

I did my nose piercing there and they were really nice and clean. I recommend it ;)

sea salt/saline spray & neosporin cream on the outside and that's it

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