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"The horse described in the book corresponds almost exactly with the one drawn on the front cover."

"I correspond with my sister by e-mail, but my aunt is old-fashioned, so I correspond with her by writing letters."

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Q: Can you use correspond in a sentence?
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How do you write correspond in a sentence?

You need to correspond with your pen pal. They will think the worst if you do not correspond with them.

What is a sentence with correspond in it?

We grew up in an era when writing a thank you note or letter was considered the polite way to correspond with others.

Correspond in a sentence?

How long did you correspond with your penpal in China? Each number on the fast food menu corresponds to a different value meal. Have you been able to correspond with your family in Chili since the earthquake? E-mail is a quick and easy way to correspond with friends across the country.

How do you write a sentence with the word correspond?

Correspond- The two handwriting samples correspond in every way. Corresponded - Although the friends hadn't seen each other for several years they corresponded regularly. Correspondence- The correspondence of famous people is often published after their death.

Have warned you many a times Is this a good sentence?

As it's written, no, it is not. It lacks a subject. The only possible subjects that correspond to the verb is I, we, you,and they. The example is one pronoun short of being a sentence.

What is the root word for correspond?


How do you use the word correspond in a sentence?

The word 'correspondence' is a noun. A noun functions as the subject of a sentence or a clause, and as the object of a verb or a preposition. Examples:The correspondence between the cause and the effect is not clear. (subject of the sentence)I used to type, print, and mail my correspondence but now I send it by email. (direct object of the verbs 'type, print, and mail')

Would you write an example sentence using correspond?

Although the friends hadn't seen each other for several years, the corresponded regularly.

What is a antonym for the word correspond?

The antonym for correspond is differ.

Is it correspond with or correspond to?

If 'correspond' is being used in the context of communication:- You "correspond with" someone. The reason for this is that the verb correspond implies a two way flow of letters. After this the with/to is used a little variably, however in general: If 'correspond' is being used in the context of agreement :- Then it is normal to say "corresponds with" If 'correspond' is being used in the context of "to be similar" or "to match". Then it is normal to say "corresponds to".

What is a sentence for correspond?

We corresponded for many years and I miss her. Save

What type of functions do arithmetic sequences correspond to?

They correspond to linear sequences.