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Don't use etc in APA writing.

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Q: Can you use etc in APA writing?
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Can you use et cetera in APA style writing?

Actually, you can use "etc." The official APA style blog wrote a post about using Latin abbreviations. "Etc" does not need to be spelled out. Put a comma before if used to end a list of at least two other items.

The spacing after punctuation in a writing assignment in APA format?

Use one space after a punctuation in APA format.

When are sources considered outdated for APA writing?

Sources are never considered outdated for APA writing.

What is a APA format paper?

An APA formatted paper is writing the paper in accordance with the APA guidelines.

What does APA stand for in writing style?

APA is American Psychological Association.

What is the suggested length of an abstract in APA style writing?

250 words or less is suggested length of an abstract in APA style writing.

Can you number sentences in apa style?

No, you can't number sentences in APA style writing.

What does APA refer to?

APA stands for American Psychological Association and is guidelines for writing papers.

Types of abbreviations allowed in APA writing style format?

Acronyms are allowed in APA.

What are the types of abbreviations used in apa?

Acronyms are abbreviations allowed in APA style writing.

Is apa writing syle only used in the US?

No, APA style is used world wide.

Is the APA style most appropriate for technical writing?

APA style is certainly a good choice for most appropriate in technical writing (I am an engineer and that is the style I had to use). It will depend on the requirements of the person or institution that will be the final authority on what style is required for your work.

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