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It is not safe to use any medications either prescribed or over the counter without approval of your healthcare provider.

My doctor approved only Tylenol for pain and Dramamine for nausea. Aspirin or aspirin-containing medicines are never acceptable in pregnancy.

Salicylic Acid is NOT aspirin. Aspirin is "acetyl salicylic acid" or ASA. Salicylic acid is commonly an ingredient in topical acne solutions, dandruff control products and wart remover. Check with your doctor before using salicylic acid during pregnancy or nursing.

My doctor reccomended using salicylic acid as a replacement for my prescription acne medication. He said that both the face/body washes and the topical treatments are perfecly safe, and so far they have worked wonderfully!

Funny, my doctor told me NOT to use salyclic acid while pregnant. Also not to use anything with benzoyl peroxide or glycolic acid. Basically for my pregnancy related acne I was told to leave it untreated until I was at least in my third trimester - and not use a topical or oral medication for it.

My doctor told me that many OB/GYNs are divided on this issue. Some say it's not harmful at all (she was in this category), others do not recommend it. The truth is, there have not been sufficient tests to determine if there is a harmful effect on babies in the womb when his/her mother uses salicylic acid topical treatment. Other prescription acne medications are definitely a no-no -- but concerning salicylic acid, follow your doctor's recommendations and be at ease about it. If you can go without a treatment, that would be best, but if you need something, talk to your doctor about it.

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2015-07-14 15:56:09
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Q: Can you use salicylic acid when pregnant?
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