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no you cant, i tryed be4

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Q: Can you use smart floating tools without connecting a smartboard?
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What does a smart board do?

what does the smartboard do

Who makes SmartBoard?

The company that makes SmartBoard is called Smart Technologies. This company makes other products such as Smart Document Camera, as well as Smart Conferencing Software.

When was the smartboard made?

The smart board was made in 1991.

Is the electronic whiteboard called a Smartboard or is it SMART Board like you can find on google?

A SMART board is a brand so no

Who invented the smartboard and when?

The smart board is used by loads of schools its inventor is Samantha Oriz.

Do you have to have a smart board to use home?

Maybe, I could get a smart board for home.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you are asking, can you have a smart board at home... then yes, but they are worth a ton.If you are asking, can you have the smart board notebook program without having an actual smartboard... then yes, also because I have the program and I don't have a tablet OR a smart board.

What is the purpose and function of a smartboard notebook?

There is no such thing as a smart board notebook. However, there is a thing called the smart board that is invented by SMART Technologies. It can be used as a regular whiteboard or as a computer display and it is controlled by touch.

How do you order a smart board?

You can order a SmartBoard off the internet. You can go to 3rd Party sites like or

What is the proper name for a smartboard pen?

Smart Pen (Well at least for school/college SmartBoards)

Where was the smartboard invented?

Smart Boards were invented by a company called Smart Technologies based in Calgary, Alberta. The company was initially launched in 1987 to sell projectors for an American company.

Where was the smart board invented?

The smartboard was invented in 1991 by a girl named Jaimie-Lee Wilson.

What does smart in smartboard stand for?

I belive that the smart in smart board might not stand for anything. It maybe the company name although if you find it in a book it's in all caps.