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tengo sed = I am thirsty

tengo hambre = I am hungry

'soy sed', if it meant anything, would mean something like 'I am dry by nature' or perhaps 'I am thirst' (in some sort of transcendental or divine sort way).

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Q: Can you use soy sed instead of tengo hambre to say i am hungry in spanish?
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What does yo tengo hambre means?

"Yo tengo hambre " is Spanish for "I am hungry."

How do you write I am hungry in spanish?

Only if you are making a statement such as "I have hungry children" "Tengo niños que padecen hambre" If you are telling someone you are hungry, you can say "I am hungry" "Tengo hambre" or asking "are you hungry" to someone else say "tienes hambre?"

How do you say i am hungry in Spanish?

Tengo hambre.tengo hambre

What does tengo hambre mean?

Two choices: (1) Sí, tengo hambre; (2) No, no tengo hambre.

How you responed to tienes hambre in spanish?

To answer the question: ¿Tienes hambre ahora? you would say either: Sí, tengo hambre ahora. OR No, no tengo hambre ahora.

Hat does but I'm very hungry mean in spanish?

Tengo mucha hambre

How do you say yo soy hambre muy hambre in English?

I am hungry, very hungry(though the sentence isn't grammatically correct. It should be 'Tengo hambre, mucho hambre.' In Spanish, you literally "have hunger.")

How do you say i am hungry as well in spanish?

"Yo también tengo hambre"

What dies tengi hambre mean?

tengO hambre I'm hungry

How do you say 'Grandma I'm hungry' in Spanish?

In Spanish, you don't say "I am hungry", but rather "I have hunger". So the phrase would be "Abuela, tengo hambre".

How do you say starving in spanish?

Hambre is Spanish for hungry.Hambre is actually Spanish for "hunger". To say I am hungry, you would say Tengo hambre which literally means "I have hunger".Tener hambre is the phrase you'd conjugate to apply to other people.hombre

How do you say are you hungry in Spanish?

Tengo bastante para comer is "I have enough to eat." I remember someone saying that "i am full" means something else in Spanish.....